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Mainstage productions are generally rehearsed five evenings a week. Weekend rehearsals may also be scheduled, usually in the week before a production opens. Except in extraordinary cases, productions rehearse four to six weeks. The director schedules all rehearsals. If any student knows of a conflict that s/he may have at any time during the entire rehearsal period, it is his/her responsibility to inform the director of this conflict as early in the rehearsal process as possible—and definitely at least one week prior to the conflict.

Of course, if a student is professional in their responsibilies, there should be no issue of rehearsal conflicts once they have accepted a production job. Conflicts should only be offered prior to agreeing to the production responsibility—not after. Of course, major issues of excused absences from rehearsal due to emergencies or major health or family issues can be allowed if the director and stage manager are informed of these issues before the rehearsal.

Rehearsal demeanor and practices are outlined specifically under the job description for each production assignment posted on the Waller Callboard. Directors will advise the rehearsal company what is expected of them at the beginning of the rehearsal period.

As is true in the professional theater, if the director believes that a cast member’s participation in the production is unsatisfactory, it is his/her prerogative to replace that person. A professional attitude and commitment to productions are expected at all times.

All rehearsal areas must be cleaned up and readied for their next use following each rehearsal. All rehearsal company members are responsible for maintenance of the space used.

Students will be given sufficient notice for crew and rehearsal calls. Calls or changes in calls should be made at least 24 hours in advance, if at all possible. It is the responsibility of all students involved in a production to check the Waller Callboard daily for any schedule updates.

Actors/dancers are required to provide their own rehearsal clothes (shoes, tights, undergarments, hosiery, dance shoes, etc.) unless otherwise specified by the costume designer or director. If rehearsal clothes are issued, the actor/dancer is responsible for storing and securing said garments for the duration of the rehearsal period. They are also responsible for returning any loaned rehearsal clothing at the appropriate time.

Unless otherwise indicated, all performers are required to provide their own makeup. (This usually does not extend to any special effects makeup, such as hair or prosthetics.) It is a good idea to consult the costume designer well before the first dress rehearsal so that all necessary items can be acquired prior to the first dress rehearsal. Professional Ben Nye makeup kits are available at The Costume Shop located at 33 North Sixth Street here in Indiana. (These kits are also used in the THTR 223 Makeup for the Stage class.)