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Faculty Publications in 2010-2013

Below is a representative, selected list of recent IUP IA Faculty Publications

Peer-reviewed Journals and Conferences:

  1. Waleed Farag, “Comparing Achievement of Intended Learning Outcomes in Online Programming Classes with Blended Offerings,” in Proceedings of the 13th Annual ACM Conference on Information Technology Education, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, pp. 25-30, October 11-13, 2012. This paper proposed a novel assessment model for introductory programming course which is one of the required KUs. This paper also won the best paper award in that renowned ACM conference.  
  2. A. Waibel, A. Alshehri, and S. Ezekiel, “Multi-Perspective Anomaly Prediction Using Neural Networks”, in proceedings of 2013 IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition (AIPR) Workshop: Sensing for Control and Augmentation, pp 1-6, Oct. 2013. 
  3. Avdija, A. S., & Giever, D. M. (2011).  "Path Analysis: Constructing a Causal Path Model of Correlates that Directly and Indirectly Affect Crime-Reporting Behavior."  Law Enforcement Executive Forum Journal, 11(2): 95-122. 
  4. J. Rodger, “Toward reducing failure risk in an integrated vehicle health maintenance system: A fuzzy multi-sensor data fusion Kalman filter approach for IVHMS”, in Elsevier International Journal: Expert Systems with Applications, 39 (10), 9821-9836. 
  5. S. Ali and W. Farag, “How is Quantum Cryptography Used to Secure Financial Transactions?” in Proceedings of the Second International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development (ICeND 2013), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 4-6, 2013.
  6. J. Rodger, “A fuzzy nearest neighbor neural network statistical model for predicting demand for natural gas and energy cost savings in public buildings,” in Elsevier International Journal: Expert Systems with Applications, 41 (2014) 1813–1829. 

Published Books  

  1. Robert Mutchnick, Bruce Berg and Connie Ireland, Research Methods for Criminal Justice and the Social Sciences, Prentice Hall; 1 edition, August 29, 2009. 
  2. Robert Mutchnick, Criminal Justice Interactive, Prentice Hall; 2010. 

Published Book Chapters

  1. Terrence Fries, “Reengineering Structured Legacy System Documentation to UML Object-Oriented Artifacts” in: Raul Valverde and Malleswara Talla (eds), Information system reengineering for modern business systems: ERP, SCM, CRM and E-Commerce Management Solutions, IGI Publishing, Hershey, PA, 2012, pp. 30-53. 
  2. J. Rodger, Content Analysis and Empirical Field Testing of a Web-Based MedWatch Decision Support System (MWDSS). In Dr. Mahadeo Jaiswal and Dr. Rajendar Garg (Eds.), Enterprise Systems and Business Process Management (pp. 148-170). India: Macmillan India Ltd, 2008.
  3. David Smith authored revisions to five chapters (0, 1, 2, 7, and 11) for the 11th Edition of Computer Science: An Overview by J. Glenn Brookshear, Addison Wesley (2012). 
  4. Pankaj, M. Hyde, A. Ramaprasad, S. Tadisina, Revisiting Agility to Conceptualize Information Systems Agility. In Miltiadis Lytras & Patricia Ordonez De Pablos (Eds.), Emerging Topics and Technologies in Information Systems. Hershey, PA: IGI-Global, 2008.