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Log in to

Some content on is available only to members of the IUP community. In order to view this content, you need to log in using the procedure below.

Note: If you are a web maintainer seeking to update your web content, you are in the wrong place. To update content, you must log in to our Staging server.

Logging in is a straightforward process of entering your IUP username and password.

  1. When you click a link to a page that is “IUP-Only,” you will be forwarded to the login page. You should see a login button similar to the following:


  2. Click the Login button.

  3. Enter your user name and password in the pop-up box:


  4. Currently, Ektron will tell you that you’ve been logged in, and it will ask you to refresh your browser to continue.

  5. Your browser will be forwarded to the IUP-Only content on which you clicked.

If you have difficulty logging in after following these instructions, please contact the IT Support Center at 724-357-4000 or