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Edit or Add Items to a Menu

A menu is generally considered the primary tool for navigating a website. A menu will already be created for your unit’s site. However, as you add content to your site, you will need to add items to the menu. Because you will need to make changes to your site over time, you will likely need to edit your menu as well.

Note: Websites that have been converted to the new, responsive design now have automatic menus. Web maintainers for converted sites do not need to edit their menus.

If your website is not yet converted, you can add items to your menu from the Web browser. It’s important to understand which items are required to be on the menu.

Adding Items to a Menu

Menu items are added from the Web browser.
Note: You must be logged into Staging and not be in Preview mode.

  1. From the menu on the right side of the browser, click Add.
    Note: Choose the Add option that is within your site’s menu. Do NOT choose the Add option that appears at the bottom of the menu under Alumni.
    Add items to a menu from the web browser
  2. The Add New Item screen appears (right). Add new itemChoose Content Item, and click on the Next… button. (Do not choose any of the other items on this list. They are not supported by the IUP website. You can assign a regular menu to any subfolder you have, and it will, in effect, be a submenu.)
  3. You will now see the content within this same folder, plus icons for any subfolders. As all content items are shown here, even if they’re already on the menu, be sure to not add a page twice. You should look at the page now in your Web browser to confirm which items need to be added. Select the missing content item(s) by checking the box(es) next to the title.

    The IUP menu navigation rules are strict so as to not confuse website visitors. Please review how the menu system works.
  4. Add buttonClick on the Add button to add the selected content to the menu, and repeat the process to add any other content items located in subfolders (following the menu system guidelines).

    Do not click the plus signDo not click on the plus sign to "add content."
    Choose the Add button instead.

Reordering the Menu

You can reorder content items for your menu by clicking the up-and-down Reorder arrow on the toolbar (below).
Reorder menu items

Note: Your main content item for this folder needs to be the first item on the menu, at the very top. For example, on the Web Team’s site, the How To ... section has its own menu. A content block explaining what this section is about is the first item in the menu. This content block appears when the site user clicks How To ... on the site menu. The rest of the How To ... items are then listed below that main, introductory content item on the menu.