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The fields that make up what we at IUP call Enrollment Management and Communications are diverse.

Because we are supposed to work together and affect positive change for each other's operations, having a running list of "best of" articles from our professional journals, newsletters, and other mainstream sources seemed like a worthy undertaking for the division's Professional Development Committee. Have a submission? Send it to Patti McCarthy.

Pitt to Guarantee Every Undergraduate Internship Opportunity : Higher Education Marketing and Enrollment Management blog
Regan Houser: In an effort to help Pitt students obtain a competitive edge and prepare for life after graduation, the Career Development and Placement Assistance is unveiling an initiative that guarantees every undergraduate the opportunity of an internship.)

Parents Taking an Active Role in Choosing Colleges: Chicago Tribune
Heather Andring: High tuitions, tough job market lead many to take a consumer-oriented approach to picking the right school for their teens.

Penn State Disaster a System-Wide Failure:
Deb Stanley: Risk experts ask: What happened to risk management at Penn State?

Moving Ahead with Confidence 2.0: Ideas and Options to Help Your Reach Your Enrollment Goals: Stamats Communications
Michelle Fryling: An article by Robert Sevier and Erick Sickler from the Occasional Paper series)

Senate Committee Report on For-Profit Colleges Condemns Costs and Practices : The New York Times
Regan Houser: Taxpayers spent $32 billion on companies that operate for-profit colleges, but the majority of students they enroll leave without a degree.

College Degrees Designed by the Numbers , The Chronicle of Higher Education
Deb Stanley:  Now colleges, eager to get students out the door more efficiently, are awakening to the opportunities of so-called Big Data.

Fixing College: The New York Times
Regan Houser:  Are university leaders moving too slowly to position their schools for a rapidly changing world?

Measure Your Way to Better Innovation :
Tammy Manko: This article seems appropriate, since we are working with KPIs.

Key Learning Strategy...Where’s the WIIFM? (What’s In It For Me):
Eric Barker: Across various communication methods, it's important to weave in the "what's in it for me" message to really hit home with your audiences. 

Going the Distance: Campus Technology
Deb Stanley: As demand rises, distance learning programs are taking off. Deb warns that a big pop-up ad appears first. Skip the ad to proceed to the article.

If You Want to Succeed in Business, Read More Novels: Forbes
Regan Houser: Justifies your desire to read something fun--because it really can help you think critically.

Top Twitter Abbreviations You Need to Know: Social Media Today
Regan Houser: The title speaks for itself.