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Curriculum Check Sheet

Liberal Studies: As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications: 51
Mathematics: MATH 217
Natural Science: BIOL 103-104 or CHEM 101-102
Social Science: PSYC 101, SOC 151
Liberal Studies Electives: 6cr, BTED/COSC/IFMG 101, FDNT 145,
no course with HPED prefix
Core Requirements: 23
HPED 142 Foundations of Health, Physical Education, and Sport  3cr  
HPED 175 Prevention and Care of Injuries to the Physically Active  2cr  
HPED 209 Motor Behavior 3cr  
HPED 221 Human Structure and Function 3cr  
HPED 341 Evaluation in Health and Physical Education  3cr  
HPED 343 Physiology of Exercise 3cr  
HPED 441 Psychosocial Implications for Health and Physical Education  3cr  
HPED 442 Senior Seminar: Professional Development in Health, Physical Education, and Sport 3cr  
Athletic Training Requirements:  46
BIOL 151 Human Physiology 4cr  
HPED 315 Biomechanics  3cr  
HPED 344 Adapted Physical Activity and Sport  3cr  
HPED 345 Athletic Training 3cr  
HPED 346 Athletic Training Lab 1cr  
HPED 365 Advanced Athletic Training 4cr  
HPED 375  Physiological Basis of Strength Training 3cr  
HPED 376 Athletic Training Clinical Practicum I 1cr  
HPED 377 Athletic Training Clinical Practicum II 1cr  
HPED 380 Seminar in Sports Medicine 2cr  
HPED 385 General Medical Conditions in Athletic Training 2cr  
HPED 411 Physical Fitness Appraisal 3cr  
HPED 446 Therapeutic Modalities 4cr  
HPED 448 Therapeutic Exercise for Athletic Injury Management 4cr  
HPED 476 Athletic Training Clinical Practicum III 1cr  
HPED 477 Athletic Training Clinical Practicum IV 1cr  
PHYS 151 Medical Physics Lecture 3cr  
Controlled Electives: one course form the following: 3cr  
FDNT 245, HPED 410, 492, SAFE 347
Total Degree Requirements:  120
Note: The HPED office or the office of the Athletic Training Curriculum Coordinator can provide additional information related to specific requirements regarding initial health screening, criminal record checks, and liability insurance needs.

For more information on these courses, see the undergraduate catalog.

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