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The Northern Suites
Location Mission Statement Community Description

Putt Hall

Fine Arts
(Picasso, Gillespie, and Fosse clusters)

The Fine Arts community provides opportunities for students to explore their interests in music, art, theater, and dance. This is accomplished by providing students relateable programs and events and offering them the chance to interact with guest speakers and artists. By providing these experiences, we enable students to amplify their talents and increase appreciation for the fine arts.

  • Students enrolled in the College of Fine Arts, which includes the following majors: Art and Art Education, Music, Theater and Dance, interdisciplinary Fine Arts majors, and undeclared Fine Arts students
  • Located conveniently to both Sprowls and Cogswell halls
  • Individual clusters for students in music (Gillespie), Art (Picasso), and Theater and Dance (Fosse)

Delaney Hall

Social Justice and Civic Engagement

The Social Justice and Civic Engagement community engages students in a residential setting where individuals are encouraged to be involved locally and globally. Faculty, professional, and student involvement is realized through programming themed to Social Justice and Civic Engagement and to the following living-learning clusters: Criminology, English, and ROTC. These enable students to develop holistically, to grow personally and academically, and to becomes agents of change for the betterment of society.

  • Students enrolled in Sociology, Political Science, Pre-Law/Political Science Track, English, English Pre-Law, and Criminology
  • A community that embraces the values, institutional pride, traditions, and history of IUP and welcomes the opportunity to provide service to the university and community
  • Individual clusters for Criminology and English

Wallwork Hall

Global Awareness

In this community, we embrace opportunities to interact with, engage in serious conversations with, and learn from persons of diverse cultures and backgrounds. This is achieved by providing Asian Studies and Piso Cervantes clusters, by participating in programs with faculty and professional staff, and by being an active, engaged community member. Our shared perspectives allow us to partner in international education by broadening our understanding and appreciation of each others’ beliefs, cultures, and customs, leading to the knowledge and skill set to live and work in a global society.

  • Students who embrace and seek exposure to a culturally engaging environment
  • Asian Studies Cluster
  • International students who desire suite-style housing
  • Piso Cervantes (Spanish)
  • English-speaking students who would like an international roommate

Suites on Maple–East


The Wellness Community promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides opportunities for additional learning outside of the classroom. Learning is accomplished through programming, faculty speakers, supplemental instruction, providing resources, and by interacting with other students. The community is designed to support the improved quality of life and academic achievement of residents.

  • Students who ascribe to a philosophy of emotional and physical wellness and prefer a residential environment supportive of this
  • SOAR Cluster for students who lead a substance-free lifestyle
  • The Center for Health and Well-Being is located in the same building
  • Individual clusters for students enrolled in Nursing and Allied Health Majors (Nursing, Clinical Laboratory Science, Nuclear Medicine Technology, and Respiratory Care), Food and Nutrition, and Health and Physical Education, as well as a mindfulness cluster.

Ruddock Hall

Education and Educational Technology

Communications Media

The mission of the living-learning Education Community (includes Communications Media) is to foster an environment that promotes the learning and development of students through supportive staff members, interaction with faculty, and delivery of resources and opportunities outside the classroom.

  • Undergraduate programs in Early Childhood (Pre-K to Grade 4)/Special Education; Middle Level (grades 4-8)/Special Education
  • Cluster for students majoring in Communications Media
  • Located within close proximity to Davis and Stouffer halls

Northern Suites

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The Northern Suites community facilitates Living-Learning opportunities for students with majors in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, as well as Safety Sciences majors. This is accomplished through community-building and college transition programming, through major-specific programming within the building, including tutoring and academic support, and through community involvement and philanthropy. These activities are designed to enrich the residents’ college experience by helping them gain a deeper understanding of their chosen discipline, while acknowledging their obligation to the broader community and instilling lifelong learning skills.

  • Students enrolled in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, which includes the following departments: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geoscience, Mathematics, Physics, Preprofessional Natural Sciences Programs, and Psychology
  • Cluster for women majoring in Math, Science, and Technology
  • Intensified study (east wing)
  • Located next to Wehandt and Walsh halls
  • Specific clusters for Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology, and Natural Science
Suites on Pratt

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Community provides opportunities for students to grow and develop a strong sense of self and a habit of reflection to understand and appreciate personal strengths, values, and leadership philosophy.

This is accomplished through the application of leadership development theory and our commitment to modeling social change and utilizing experiential learning opportunities to empower our students to become active citizens and leaders in the university community and the world.

  • A community with an emphasis on developing foundational leadership skills for a variety of interests and disciplines
  • ROTC cluster
  • Cluster for second-year students who have transferred from IUP Punxsutawney

Stephenson Hall


The Business Living-Learning Community provides residential learning opportunities for students enrolled in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology residing in Stephenson Hall. Learning is fostered through collaborative learning and co-curricular activities between the college and the residence hall, with emphasis placed on business-related topics. These opportunities are designed to increase student retention and academic success by providing a bridge between their living and learning communities.

  • Students enrolled in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology, which includes the following departments: Accounting, Finance and Legal Studies, Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems and Decision Science, and Technology Support and Training
  • Located next to Eberly College of Business and Information Technology
  • Office Hours
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Summer: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.