• Placement pre-testing is an important step in the orientation and the registration processes. The results will be used to place you in the right courses during registration, so that your classes match your academic plan and needs.

    You’ll receive more information about the tests, including when and how you’ll take them, once you’ve registered for orientation. Below is some brief information about the tests.

    Math Pre-Testing Information

    Everyone must take the math pre-test before orientation, though some majors are also required to retest at orientation in a more formal setting.

    English Portfolio and Placement Test Information

    The English portfolio is optional.  Those not submitting the portfolio take an English placement test at orientation.

    Language Placement Tests

    Incoming students can take placement exams for French, German or Spanish. Depending on courses already taken or interest, students can elect to take these tests during their orientation experience. Students that meet the criteria may receive course credit for their Spanish oral proficiency level.

    About the Exams

    French and German placement exams are offered via the Webcape 2.0 testing platform. Students who elect to take one of these language tests will be able to receive the necessary account creation materials during the orientation testing experience. Upon the completion of the exam, students will be provided a score and placement level which will be utilized during the course registration process on day two of the orientation experience.

    Students with a Spanish language background can elect to take the Spanish placement exam during orientation. This 25-question exam contains questions written in Spanish and requires all answers to be written in that language as well. Students are encouraged to review basic vocabulary and grammar (verb tenses, moods, pronouns, idiomatic expressions, etc.) and to practice language functions such as describing daily routine, school activities, and interests; asking personal questions; describing past, present, and future events; expressing opinions; and hypothesizing.

    All students who are native language speakers or have taken at least two years of one of these languages are encouraged to take a placement exam. In many cases, completing the exams enables a student to proceed to level 2 or 3 of the respective languages. Sometimes students place out of the college requirement, thereby freeing those credits to be used towards a minor or second major. For more information about our Foreign Languages major, minor, and certificate programs, please visit Foreign Languages.

    Equivalency Resources

    College Level Exam Placement Exam, Advance Placement, and International Baccalaureate Equivalency Charts. Also, please see our Transfer Credit Evaluation Tool.