Costs of Attendance and Financial Aid Opportunities

  • With a 20 percent tuition discount for qualified Pennsylvania undergraduates and financial aid available, starting your education at Northpointe can mean a substantial savings for students.

  • 20 Percent Tuition Discount

    Starting this fall, undergraduate students who

    • Have earned fewer than 60 credits
    • Are enrolled in a degree program
    • Are Pennsylvania residents
    • Attend either IUP at Northpointe or IUP Punxsutawney

    will receive a 20 percent tuition discount.

    This discount does not apply to dual enrollment students, students enrolled in a certificate program (such as Clinical Medical Assistant or Culinary Arts), or to graduate students.

  • Estimated Undergraduate Tuition and Fees for Fall 2020

    Credits Status Tuition and Fees
    3cr Part-time $1,028.60
    6cr Part-time $2,007.20
    9cr Part-time $2,985.80
    12cr Full-time $3,963.40
    15cr Full-time $4,779.40

    These figures include the new 20% tuition discount for qualifying students.

  • Estimated Graduate Tuition and Fees for Fall 2020

    Program Credits Tuition and Fees
    MBA, Executive Track 3 credits $2,057.81
    MBA, Executive Track  6 cr $4,927.22
    Health Services Administration, MA 3 cr $1,972.40
    Health Services Administration, MA 6 cr $3,887.60

    Possible Funding Sources

    These are maximum amounts. These numbers are only a guide and not a guarantee of financial assistance.

    Up to $3,097 per semester — Pell Grant 
    (Need-based aid as determined by FAFSA) 

    Up to $1,886 per semester — PHEAA Grant 
    (Need-based aid as determined by FAFSA) 

    Up to $2,750 per semester — Student Loans 
    (Aid determined by FAFSA)


    These are scholarships that students are awarded based upon individual applications. Scholarships can be offered by educational organizations, foundations, community groups, civic organizations, etc.

    All costs and IUP funding sources are based on being an in-state, full-time undergraduate student on the Northpointe campus. Estimates listed above will change for students enrolled in fewer than 12 credits per semester.