Kendra Peachy, IUP respiratory care student, is the recipient of the 2020-21 IUP at Northpointe Essay Scholarship for her essay on "The Significance in Understanding Implicit Bias."

IUP's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is greater than an effort to combat racism through programs and education. It is a challenge made to everyone in the community to be reflective, to be open to personal growth, and to identify their place in an increasingly diverse workplace, community, nation, and global society.

This year, essay contest participants were encouraged to write an essay on what they believe the purpose of understanding bias to be on an individual level. Participants were also provided a link to view the PBS Learning series on bias, to use as a guide of reflection.

Kendra noted "I feel it is important for people to be aware that bias is in all of us and affects how we treat others around us. By working to identify these biases, together we can build a more inclusive way of thinking and environment."

Kendra was awarded a $1,000 scholarship toward her spring 2021 semester.Kendra is a 2018 Midd-West High School graduate from Middleburg, Pennsylvania.

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