Each year, the university confers the title “Emeritus” on qualified academic and administrative faculty who have been recommended through a department-based process.

Emeritus status is an honor conferred by the university to show respect for a distinguished career. According to the APSCUF Collective Bargaining Agreement, “even though you are no longer an official part of this organization, you have shown such merit that we claim you as a continuing part of our professional group; we gather glory from your reflected glory.”

This year, 18 individuals have been selected for emeritus status:

  • Gary Bailey, History, 23 years
  • Robert Begg, Geography and Regional Planning, 28 years
  • Joseph Bencloski, Geography and Regional Planning, 24 years
  • Michael Briggs, Chemistry, 8 years
  • James Cahalan, English, 29 years
  • *Wendy Carse, English, 21 years
  • Philip Gordon, Human Development and Environmental Studies, 32 years
  • Linda Hall, Student Affairs in Higher Education, 30 years
  • Patricia Heilman, Journalism, 39 years

  • Clifford Klinger, Academy of Culinary Arts, 16 years
  • Thomas Lord, Biology, 23 years
  • Donald Robertson, Psychology, 37 years

  • Daniel Shively, Libraries, 50 years

  • Sharon Sowa, Chemistry, 16 years
  • Mary Swinker, Human Development and Environmental Studies, 34 years
  • *John Woolcock, Chemistry, 29 years
  • Kwasi Yirenkyi, Religious Studies, 26 years
  • Nancy Yost, Special Education and Clinical Services, 18 years