NextGen Task Force

In fall 2020, Provost Tim Moerland formed the NextGen Transitional Task Force, co-chaired by Provost’s Associate Karen Rose Cercone and Interim Dean of the Graduate School and Research Hilliary Creely. The task force was asked to provide timelines and recommendations for NextGen academic restructuring.

  • Current Steering Committee Membership (PDF, login required)
  • Current Transition Task Force Membership (PDF, login required)

NextGen Organizational Chart

The new academic structure of the university can be seen on the NextGen College Organization Chart (PDF, login required).

Priority 1 Task Force Teams

In spring 2021, eight small task force teams were formed to create rapid recommendations for carrying out the NextGen restructuring plan. These recommendations guided the administrative integrations that occurred over the summer of 2021. 

Priority 2 Coordination Councils

In spring 2021, five larger and more diverse coordination councils were formed with representation from every division of the university. Each council was asked to gather data and issue recommendations on longer-term integration issues and initiatives to align with the new IUP strategic plan. Coordination councils will consult with the University Senate, University Planning Council, and the President’s Cabinet before issuing their white paper recommendations in late fall 2021.

The five NextGen coordination councils are:

1 – Student Support

Charge: Explore new ways of supporting all IUP students with academic, social, and other challenges; create a unified plan to utilize the University College and other resources to support at-risk students; recommend a “One-stop Shopping” model for students, identifying both a physical campus location and a matching virtual platform; craft more effective methods of reaching students in need of support, especially after pandemic.

Council 1 White Paper Recommendations (link to be posted in late 2021)

2 – NextGen Campus

Charge: Survey the community to determine current and future space needs of NextGen colleges, units, and departments; analyze current space usage, inclusivity, and needs for future modality transitions with a focus on opportunities for growth and equity.

Council 2 White Paper Recommendations (link to be posted in late 2021)

3 – Budget Planning

Charge: Deal with the immediate issues raised by NextGen realignment of colleges, departments, and programs; recommend a transparent and equitable method for distribution of academic resources among the realigned units; refer longer-term recommendations to UBAC and UPC for further consideration.

Council 3 White Paper Recommendations (link to be posted in late 2021)

4 – Core Curriculum

Charge: Rename IUP’s undergraduate educational core to reduce confusion for prospective students and parents; redesign our core curriculum to enhance both the personal and professional growth of our students, with a stronger focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion; streamline undergraduate learning outcomes to promote meaningful assessment.

Council 4 White Paper Recommendations (link to be posted in late 2021)

5 – Future Initiatives

Charge: Determine what innovative programs and/or research initiatives IUP can offer using our current faculty and facilities; build on the Strategic Enrollment Plan to identify areas of greatest opportunity for growth; collaborate with University Advancement to build relationships and partnerships in alignment with IUP’s new strategic plan; identify ways that IUP’s research strengths can be maintained, strategically expanded, and leveraged in teaching, grantsmanship, and system-wide collaborations; consider how graduate programs might incorporate DEI initiatives through courses or other experiences.

Council 1 White Paper Recommendations (link to be posted in late 2021)