Eberly College of Business

The Eberly College of Business will include the following departments and programs.

The Department of Economics from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences joins the Department of Finance in Eberly; similarly, Hospitality Management from the College of Health and Human Services joins the Department of Management.


Accounting, BS

Accounting/CCAC, BS

Management Information Systems/Information Systems, BS

Eberly College of Business

Business Administration, MBA

Business, PhD

MBA/Executive Track

Economics and Finance

Economics, BA

Finance, BS


Hospitality Management, AS

Human Resource Management, BS

Human Resource Management /CCAC, BS

International Business, BS

Management/CCAC, BS

Management/Entrepreneurship and Small Business, BS

Management/General, BS

Management/Supply Chain Management, BS

Management/Supply Chain/CCAC, BS

Hospitality Management, BS


Marketing, BS

Marketing/CCAC, BS