College of Health

The College of Health is organized around the disciplines that focus on the allied health professions and behavioral health.

Its departments and programs will include:

Academy of Culinary Arts

Baking and Pastry

Baking and Pastry, AAS

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts, AAS

College of Health

Public Health/Behavioral and Mental Health, BS

Public Health/Environmental and Occupational Health, BS

Public Health/Epidemiology and Biostatistics, BS

Public Health/Global and Rural Communities, BS

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Training Program

Criminology, BA

Criminology, MA

Criminology, PhD

Criminology/Pre-Law, BA

Sch Security Person Trng (CH)

Food and Nutrition

Dietetic Internship Certificate

Food and Nutrition, MS

Food and Nutrition/Administration, MS

Food and Nutrition/Education, MS

Nutrition, BS

Nutrition/Dietetics, BS

Health Services and Employment Relations

Health Services Administration, MS

Human Res and Employ Relation MA

Kinesiology Health and Sport Sci

Athletic Training, MS

Emergency Medical Tech-NDCRTN

Health and Physical Education/Adapt Phy MEd

Health and Physical Education/Community Health, BSEd

Health and Physical Education/Community Health, MEd

Health and Physical Education /K-12, MEd

Health and Physical Education /K-12 Tchr, BSEd


Physical Education and Sport/Exercise Science, BS

Physical Education and Sport/Pre-Athletic Training, BS

Physical Education and Sport/Sport Administration, BS

Sport Science/Exercise Science, MS

Sport Science/Sports Management, MS

Nursing and Allied Health Prof

Medical Imaging/Diagnostic Sonography, BS

Medical Imaging/Echocardiography, BS

Medical Imaging/Nuclear Med Technology, BS

Medical Technology, BS


Nursing, BS

Nursing, PhD

Nursing/Administration, MS

Nursing/DNP, PhD

Nursing/Education, MS

Respiratory Care, BS

Simulation and Technology, GCOR


Behavior Analysis Certificate

Clinical Psychology, PsyD

Educational Psychology, MEd

Honors Program in Psychology

Psychology, BA

School Psychology, Ed Spec

School Psychology, PhD


Administration and Leadership Studies, PhD

Sociology, MA

Sociology/General, BA

Sociology/Human Services, BA