Areas of Focus

IUP is committing to five areas of academic focus. These areas were chosen based on several factors:

  • Student demand

  • Employer demand

  • Demonstrated IUP strength in this area

  • Potential for financial sustainability

The areas of focus are areas where all four of these factors come together. The ultimate goal is to focus on areas where IUP can be the best and provide our students with unique experiences they cannot get anywhere else.

Areas of focus include:

  • Science, math, computer science, pre-engineering, and engineering

  • Allied health disciplines

  • Behavioral health

  • Business

  • Proactive cross-disciplinary and multi-thematic areas to build on a strong general education core, resulting in well-prepared leaders who can transform the world

Programs outside these areas of focus remain a fundamental and vital part of IUP. Preparing students for lifenot just a jobrequires a broad education and a broad range of programs. Our commitment to a strong general education core and a breadth of academic majorsincluding education, the arts, humanities, and social sciencesis firm.