Students playing woodwind instruments in a rehearsal

A student wishing to minor in music must elect a minimum of 18 credits in music courses as approved by the department chairperson. Students must apply and audition to be admitted into the minor.

Admitted students will receive one semester of applied lessons, and may receive further semesters depending on instructor availability. Students must be enrolled in an ensemble (as advised) during any semester in which they receive applied lessons.

Applied Music (2cr)

Additional applied lessons are possible when and as available, based on the applied instructor's teaching schedule.

Course Number Class Name Credits
APMU (Major) Applied Music I 2

Music Theory (3cr)

Course Number Class Name Credits
MUSC 115 Theory 1* 3

ONE of the following (5-6cr)

Course Number Class Name Credits
MUSC 111 Theory Skills I 2
MUSC 116 Theory II 3

Music History and Advanced Music Classes

Six credits of MUHI or MUSC 300-level or above.

Music Ensembles (2-4cr)

Course Number Credits
MUSC 120-138 1

Electives (0-3cr)

Courses with MUSC, MUHI, or APMU (by permission only) prefix, except ensembles (MUSC 120-138) and courses in the music education sequenceMUSC 157, 159, 161, 219, 240, 331, 333, 335, 337.

*Students who do not pass the theory placement exam after two attempts must register for MUSC 113 Theory I Practicum, a one-credit course, in conjunction with MUSC 115 Theory I.