Faculty Resources for Mindfulness Living and Learning

  • Here is a list of resources that may help you with your mindfulness practice.

    Books and CDs at Stapleton Library: Mindfulness Resources in the Library

    Print Resources for Educators:

    • Stahl, Bob & Goldstein, Elisha. 2010. The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workbook. New Harbinger Publications, Inc.
    • Davich, Victor. 2004. 8 Minute Meditation. Perigee Press.
    • Kornfield, J. A. 1993. Path with Heart. Bantam Books.
    • Gunaratana, Bhante G. H. 2002. Mindfulness in Plain English. Wisdom books.
    • Chade Meng Tan, 2012. Search Inside Yourself. Harper One.
    • Brach, T. 2004. Radical Acceptance. New York: Bantam.
    • Chödrön, P. 2000. When Things Fall Apart. Boston.
    • Epstein, M. 1995. Thoughts without a Thinker. New York: Perseus Group.
    • Kabat-ZInn, 1994. Wherever you go, There you are. Hyperion.
    • Gibbs, J. & Gibbs, R. 2013. The Mindful Way to Study: Dancing with Your Books. O'Connor Press. - View on Amazon
    • Barbezat, D. & Bush, M. 2013. Contemplative Practices in Higher Education: Powerful Methods to Transform Teaching and Learning. Jossey Bass. - View on Amazon

    Internet Resources for Educators:

    Links to national associations committed to mindful and contemplative inquiry through education:

    Some meditation centers in the U.S.:

    Audio and video talks, programs, and meditations for download:

    Interesting talks on video:

    Richard Davidson at Google Talks

    Mathiew Ricard at Google Talks

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