James G. Mill Monthly Newsletters

  • In case you missed one of our newsletters, you can view the entire collection from the current academic year right here.

    The James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness has been producing a monthly newsletter since fall 2011. Our newsletters provide information about current happenings in the fitness center, as well as workout tips, a recipe or two, ways you can help, and other articles we feel you may benefit from reading.

    We send the newsletter via e-mail at the middle of each month during the regular academic semester, and also provide a hard copy in the fitness center for those who prefer their version in print. 

    Please let staff know if you have not received our newsletter and would like to be added to our e-mail list.

    Newsletters for the 2018–19 Academic Year

    Previous Newsletters

  • 2014 August Newsletter
    A final farewell from management, ways to keep healthy both in and out of the fitness center, and final gesture of appreciation with a Check-In Challenge can be found in the August Newsletter.
    2014 July Newsletter
    Check out the July newsletter for tips to have a fun, active, and healthy Fourth of July...and some ideas to keep the family entertained the rest of the month!
    2014 June Newsletter
    Look inside this month's newsletter for the following information about our Summer of Appreciation deals, herbs to help boost your memory and thinking, a way to make checking in easier (and why it's important), tips for the right workout outfit, cardio workout tips, and a cold recipe treat for hot days.
    2014 May Newsletter
    Inside the May newsletter, look for information about childhood obesity, a 21-Gun Salute workout, benefits of participating in 5Ks, a list of 5Ks in the area this summer, results from our Fourth Annual 5K, and our summer promotion. This edition of the newsletter is in memory of Dennis Whiteson.
    2015 April Newsletter
    Get ready for Spring with our 5K and new exercise recommendations, as well as, enjoy some tasty new featured recipes!
    2014 March Newsletter
    In the March edition, look for how exercise can energize you more than your morning cup of joe, information about our annual 5K course on the Hoodlebug Trail, and why everyone needs a spring break.
    2015 February Newsletter
    James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 6 February 18, 2015 James G. Mill Annual 5K is Here! Personal Training and Group Ex James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness SUPERHERO 5K! This year’s 5K will tentatively be held Sunday, April 26th, 2015. The course is set to begin at Miller Stad
    2015 January Newsletter
    With the start of a new year, the staff at James G. Mill has changed the formatting of our newsletter, but readers will still find the same variety of information inside it. Inside this issue are important updates for members to keep an out for, a contest to submit your favorite recipes, and a couple of exercises that you can add to your workouts. We also offer an update on a new class being offered with the James G. Mill Center and two delicious and healthy dinner recipes to try.
    2014 December Newsletter
    In the December 2014 Newsletter, find tips to get fit from Mrs. Claus, an overview of our Wellness Challenge, and learning how to set goals for the new year! We also offer a recipe recommended by our intern and a "how to" on fitting in fitness.
    2014 November Newsletter
    Inside the November 2014 issue of the James G. Mill Newsletter, readers can find holiday motivation tips to keep them moving and healthy during the holidays and also how to prepare to exercise in the cold.  Readers can also learn about what's going on inside the gym such as our annual Holiday Party and as always, we've included a delicious recipe!
    2013 October Newsletter
    October Newsletter James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness Volume 4, Issue 2 October 14, 2014 2014 Wellness Challenge Last year many o
    2014 September Newsletter
    Open up our September Newsletter to learn about the new staff at the James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness. Allow with getting to know us, there is also a featured "How-To" on abdominal muscle exercises and information about personal training offered within the gym. Our featured recipe is a Cheesecake Brownie that is only 200 calories per serving!
    2016 November Newsletter
    The 2016 November newsletter contains nutritional information about Thanksgiving foods from around the world.  It also contains information about this year's top workout shoes for men and women as well as exercises to strengthen your core.  This month's client spotlight is placed on Dr. Pablo Mendoza.
    2016 October Newsletter
    The 2016 October newsletter contains exciting content about super foods, this year's top fitness gadgets, and exercises designated to strengthen your back.  There is also a client spotlight placed on Gloria Sheplar.
    2016 September Newsletter
    This welcome back to school newsletter contains general information about the James G. Mill facility, staff biographies, and healthy breakfast recipes.