Undergraduate Programs in Mathematics

  • Students in a math classroom

    Mathematics Plays Key Role in a Technology-Driven World

    The satisfaction of earning a mathematics degree is beyond calculation. Being able to provide answers to tough questions opens doors to exciting, fulfilling careers in today’s technology-driven world. Basic engineering, computer science, and statistical analysis are only a few of the rewarding opportunities that await you. Logical analysis, deduction, and calculation are prized attributes in finance, computing, industry of all kinds, climate forecasting, and risk management.

    Why Mathematics?

    Mathematicians solve the world’s mysteries through careful, rigorous debate. Profound advancements are possible only through precise definitions and a means of calculation. Ideas are formulated and then represented by various methods, including symbols, formulae, pictures, and graphics. A mathematical calculation is a thing of beauty, representing potential and progress.

    The World Needs Mathematics Majors

    Space travel wouldn’t be possible without mathematics. Data analysis is a critical part of developing new medicines and measuring climate change. The error-correcting codes used in computers wouldn’t have been created without mathematics. In fact, the development of computers began with mathematicians. These are just a few examples of math’s infinite importance to human progress.

    Expected Outcomes With an Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics

    Crunching the numbers to perfection and using a trained, analytical mind to solve problems are the hallmarks of this program.

    • The BS in Mathematics provides a foundation in sound, analytical thinking, which is valued in a wide variety of arenas, including business, industry, and government services. The course work also prepares you for graduate studies.
    • The BS in Applied Mathematics prepares graduates for jobs in industries that rely on computer science and statistical analysis, such as health care, retail, and finance. It is great preparation for those interested in the field of operations research where you can test your decision-making and logistics skills. This degree is also an excellent choice for those who wish to pursue a career as an actuary.
    • The BS in Mathematics Education offers teaching certifications in grades 7–12.

    The IUP Difference

    Mathematics faculty. Personalized attention from our skilled faculty is the norm, thanks to a generous teacher-to-student ratio. Students enjoy all the extra help they want.

    Quantity + quality. An abundance of excellent courses to choose from sets IUP apart from other universities our size. Our academic catalog provides big-time opportunity for ambitious students. Multiple BS tracks allow students to specialize in the area they believe is their strongest suit. 

    Undergraduate research projects. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with a professor on a project—possibly publishable research, or simply an interesting project that introduces you to a cool new area of math. In any case, the project will be worthy of a student presentation at a conference.

    Scholarships–Creating Opportunities for Applying Mathematics project. Each year, S-COAM awards need-based scholarships to seven to ten sophomore, junior, or senior students seeking a math major or minor, and establishes supportive connections with master’s students for them.