Minor in Management

Two students studying in Eberly College

Add a Leadership Component to Your Business Degree

The 18-credit minor in Management will be a great supplement to any major you are pursuing on campus. You can have up to six credits of overlap with your current major, in addition to any overlap with your major's liberal study requirements.

Required Courses: 6 Credits 

  • MGMT 310- Principles of Management: 3cr
  • MGMT 311- Human Behavior in Organizations: 3cr

Controlled Electives: 12 Credits

Select 12 additional credits from the following list: 

  • BCOM 321- Business and Interpersonal communication: 3cr
  • MATH (214, 216, or 217)- Probability and Statistics: 3cr 
  • MGMT 275- Introduction to Entrepreneurship: 3cr
  • MGMT 300- Human Resource Management: 3cr
  • MGMT 434- Quality Management: 3cr
  • MGMT 451- International Management: 3cr
  • MGMT 461- Business Leadership Theory: 3cr
  • One MGMT 3XX or 4XX course or BCOM 3XX or 4XX course: 3cr

Up to two courses from the major (with approval): 6cr

Total Minor Requirements: 18cr

Only up to six credits, out of the total required 18 credits for the minor, may be part of the student's major with the approval of the minor advisor. 

Business students' core courses are considered part of the major.