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Honors Tracks

IUP offers honors tracks for the following majors.

Accounting, BS
An affordable, well-rounded education at one of the largest and most qualified accounting facilities in western Pennsylvania
Anthropology, Applied Anthropology Track, BA
Students gain a cross-cultural perspective, learn quantitative and qualitative methodologies and theory, and put their knowledge into action through internships and research
Anthropology, Archaeology Track, BA
Students gain hands-on experience in survey methods, field excavation, lab processing, and artifacts analysis in learning about and uncovering clues to cultures that thrived centuries ago
Anthropology, General Anthropology Track, BA
Students gain a strong foundation in the sociocultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological subdisciplines of anthropology through mentored, active, hands-on learning
Art Education, BSEd
Lead a creative classroom. Teach art. IUP has a national reputation for excellence in teacher education.
Biochemistry, BS
As a Biochemistry major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll gain the top-quality preparation you’ll need to begin your career or to gain admittance to graduate and professional schools.
Honors Program in Biology
The Biology Honors Program is valuable for students considering careers in research or seeking admission to graduate or professional schools.
Early Childhood/Special Education Urban Track, BSEd
The Early Childhood-Special Education, Urban Track, bachelor of education program prepares students for teaching in urban school districts, especially in low-income communities with high minority enrollments, where the need for highly qualified teachers is often great.
Business, Honors Program (B.S.)
High achievers enjoy extra opportunities in the business honors program.
Early Childhood/Special Education, BSEd
The Early Childhood–Special Education bachelor of education degree program prepares students to be highly qualified, competent, and effective teachers of all learners from pre-K through grade 4 and of learners in special education pre-K through grade 8.
Economics Honors Track, BA
This track is available by departmental permission to Economics and Economics/Pre-Law majors.
Elementary Education (B.S.Ed.)
At IUP, your professors will teach you how to lead a classroom and will offer you time-tested as well as innovative strategies for engaging young learners. 
Finance, BS
The Bachelor of Science degree in Finance prepares you to pursue job opportunities in the areas of corporate and personal financial management, banking, insurance, other financial institutions, and investments.
Geography, Economic Geographer Track (B.A.)
Economic Geographers gain skills to guide the building of cities.
Geography, Environmental Geographer Track (B.A.)
Students who care about the planet find fulfilllment as Environmental Geographers.
Geography, General Track (B.A.)
The General track in Geography offers a variety of courses.
Geography, GIS and Cartographer Track (B.A.)
 The GIS and Cartography track offers the latest mapping technology.
History Honors Program
This program is particularly encouraged for students seeking admission to graduate or professional schools.
Human Resource Management, BS
Students will gain expertise in areas such as job design, staffing, training, compensation, and performance appraisal.
International Business, BS
As an international business major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of global operations in today’s business environment. In this major, you’ll learn to navigate the international world of business and will develop skills in a traditional business area through your concentration.
Management Information Systems, BS
MIS is where the rocket science of IT meets hard-core business, say our students. They acquire the IT, business, and analytical skills in demand by employers.
Management, BS, Energy Accounting and Finance Track
As a student in this track, you will focus on accounting, business law, and finance issues related to the energy industry.
Management, BS, Energy Management Track
In this track, you'll specialize in the business practices relating to current and emerging technologies in energy management.
Management, BS, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Track
As a Management major pursuing the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll learn the techniques behind successfully starting a business and keeping it running.
Management, BS, General Management Track
The General Management track emphasizes the achievement of organized goals through the efforts of organization members, preparing you for a leadership role in the competitive world of business.
Management, BS, Operations Management Track
As a management major pursuing the Operations Management track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll learn how to keep business operations running smoothly and profitably.
Marketing, BS
At IUP, you’ll take the business administration core courses. You'll learn to employ professional marketing industry practices and creative problem-solving. Your professors will combine instruction in the technical areas of marketing with coursework designed to strengthen your analytical and communication skills.
Mathematics, BS
The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree will prepare you for graduate studies in mathematics or for a professional career in fields such as financial forecasting, space systems, transportation, cryptography, construction, computer systems, medicine, robotics, economics, statistical analysis, government industry, or management science.
Middle-Level Education, Grades 4-8, BSEd
The Middle Level Education bachelor of science in education program prepares you to teach grades 4–8 with a specialization in math, English/language arts, social studies, or science.
Mathematics, Applied Track, BS
Under the guidance of IUP’s Mathematics faculty, you’ll take classes such as Calculus II, Probability and Statistics for Natural Sciences, Differential Equations, and Introduction to Mathematical Proofs.
Philosophy, BA
Philosophy students will learn to re-evaluate preconceived ideas, challenge their own biases as well as the biases of others, and be less likely to accept assumptions as valid logic.
Philosophy/Pre-Law Track, BA
Of all the pre-law majors, philosophy majors have the highest average score on the LSAT (tied with economics majors).
Physics Education, BSEd
Physics teachers are among the most sought after in the field of education. You serve your students as well as the community by passing on the fundamental knowledge of science.
Psychology/Honors Track, BA
The honors program has been developed to enrich the education of qualified psychology majors.
Regional Planning, Land Use and GIS Track (B.S.)
Regional planners with GIS skills have an advantage in finding jobs.
Religious Studies Honors Track
The honors program is open by departmental invitation to Religious Studies majors with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in Religious Studies courses.
Sociology Honors Track
The Honors Program is open by departmental permission to declared Sociology majors with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in sociology courses.
Sociology, General Sociology Track, BA
As a sociology major pursuing the General Sociology track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll study theories and examine research as you explore the way human beings behave both independently and in concert with one another.
Sociology, Human Services Track, BA
As a sociology major pursuing the Human Services track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll find the training you’ll need to prepare for a career in human services, where you can make a difference in the world around you.
Sociology, Sociology of Disability Services Track, BA
As a Sociology major pursuing the Sociology of Disability Services track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll specialize in understanding the needs of people with disabilities and the ways society can help them meet those challenges.
Spanish Honors Program
The Honors Program in Spanish is designed to give especially talented majors in Spanish the chance to explore areas in their study which surpass what is normally studied in the major. In this program, you’ll acquire a greater depth of knowledge.