Honors Tracks

  • IUP offers honors tracks for the following majors.

    Honors tracks provide opportunities for advanced study within your major. They provide useful career experience and can be great preparation for graduate school.

    Honors tracks are open to all students in these majors; being part of the Cook Honors College is not a requirement.

  • Finance, BS
    The Bachelor of Science degree in Finance prepares you to pursue job opportunities in the areas of corporate and personal financial management, banking, insurance, other financial institutions, and investments.
    Supply Chain Management, Management, BS
    As a management major pursuing the Supply Chain Management track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll learn how to keep business operations running smoothly and profitably.
    General Management, Management, BS
    The General Management track emphasizes the achievement of organized goals through the efforts of organization members, preparing you for a leadership role in the competitive world of business.
    Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Management, BS
    As a Management major pursuing the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll learn the techniques behind successfully starting a business and keeping it running.
    Energy Management, Management, BS
    In this track, you'll specialize in the business practices relating to current and emerging technologies in energy management.
    International Business, BS
    As an international business major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of global operations in today’s business environment. In this major, you’ll learn to navigate the international world of business and will develop skills in a traditional business area through your concentration.
    Human Resource Management, BS
    Students will gain expertise in areas such as job design, staffing, training, compensation, and performance appraisal.
    Marketing, BS
    At IUP, you’ll take the business administration core courses. You'll learn to employ professional marketing industry practices and creative problem-solving. Your professors will combine instruction in the technical areas of marketing with coursework designed to strengthen your analytical and communication skills.
    Accounting, BS
    An affordable, well-rounded education at one of the largest and most qualified accounting facilities in western Pennsylvania
    Information Technology, Management Information Systems, BS
    MIS is where the rocket science of IT meets hard-core business, say our students. They acquire the IT, business, and analytical skills in demand by employers.