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Social Studies Education, Geography Track B.S.Ed.

  • B.S.Ed., Social Studies Education,
    Geography Track

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    What You'll Do

    Mapping out your future takes a lot of planning. As a Social Studies Education major pursuing the Geography track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll find the landscape for learning in your major has two distinct areas that combine to give you the perfect environment for your college education.

    One area of your education will be studying the field of geography, while the other area will be developing the skills you’ll need to be a teacher.

    Your classes will cover a range of geography topics, as well as history and politics, to give you a strong foundation in social studies. Among the classes you can choose from are Population Geography, Fresh-Water Resources, Geography of American Indians, Geography of the Soviet Sphere, Geography of Pennsylvania, and Urban Geography.

    You’ll also take classes in the field of education. Indiana University of Pennsylvania has earned a reputation for outstanding teacher preparation and offers an extensive student teaching program.


    What You'll Become

    The Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a Social Studies major/Geography track leads to teaching certification (in citizenship) for Pennsylvania junior and senior high schools. New education requirements for Pennsylvania specify that geography be taught at all levels in the schools.

    Education is a very rewarding career path to follow. As a teacher, you’ll help your students to better understand their world.

    Employment of teachers is expected to grow by 12 percent between 2006 and 2016, although some areas will experience more growth than others. This is expected to create 479,000 additional teacher positions, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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    Special Features

    • Students with this major may be interested in adding the Asian Studies minor, the Latin American Studies minor, or the Pan-African Studies minor.
    • The international student teaching option offers students the chance to spend a half-semester teaching in another country.
    • All IUP teacher education programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.
    • An honors program is available.
    • IUP facilities for geography include the Spatial Environmental Analysis Lab and the James E. Payne Geographic Information Systems/Cartography Lab.
    • Students may want to become involved in IUP’s coal mine-mapping project, which provides critical information about abandoned or unidentified mines.
    • IUP offers master’s degree options in Geography and Regional Planning, as well as in Education.