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Be a Partner

Terry Carter

As we think about ways that we can truly make a difference, we should remind ourselves of the fundamental reasons that IUP exists—to provide our students with a high-quality, comprehensive educational experience and to ensure that the faculty has the best teaching tools available at its disposal. In this way, our tradition of excellence continues. While such tasks are not easily accomplished in the tough budgetary times we currently face, your active engagement as a partner in giving will go far toward securing IUP’s strength.

Today’s higher education market is tough and very competitive. Prospective students and faculty members have more options in their choice of university. IUP cannot be “like every other institution.” It must distinguish itself to continue to be attractive and to grow. Apathy won’t get us there; more involvement from our external constituents—our alumni, friends, and donors—will. The loyalty extended to IUP from these groups is second to none. Wouldn’t you rather become an active player in shaping IUP’s future?

As with any worthy entity, it takes resources to grow and to expand momentum and impact. The majority of public universities are actively seeking external funding from the private sector to make sure that they can continue to deliver excellence. Mediocrity is totally unacceptable. Your partnership can empower us to begin a new journey!

Our students and faculty are remarkable in so many ways, and they truly deserve your personal investment. In fact, we are embarking on a new endeavor during this academic year that will involve recruiting and training students as volunteer fund-raisers. These enthusiastic individuals are eager to work with our small development team of professionals to help spread the message of why IUP deserves support and to engage our constituents face-to-face. The momentum we will experience through their dedication and commitment will be quite amazing, and, along the way, each student will gain an expanded set of skills that will serve him or her well into the future. I’m truly impressed by our students, as they are among our best lead ambassadors.

Ultimately, we realize and respect that the decision to make a difference rests solely with you. We have many challenges ahead of us, and we hope that we can count on your engagement as a partner now and in the future.

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