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Alumni Reunions—There and Here

Mere Months Away


Sam Scavo ’61 wants to tell all alumni about the eleventh annual IUP Naples, Fla., reunion, February 23-25, 2007. Photos of the 2006 gathering, hosted by Don ’62 and Lorna Gill and George ’56 and Betty Glarner, plus news and photos from previous reunions are at IUP Magazine’s Web Extra. According to Scavo, “the largest turnout thus far” showed up for the 2006 two-day event at Lely Resort.

Scavo provided the following list of alumni attendees in 2006: Gene Abplanalp ’56 and Jane Logan Abplanalp ’55; Ray Bosetti ’60; Dick Buzzelli ’59; Matt Catanese ’63; Frank Cignetti ’60, M’65; Bill Dawson ’56;  Don Gill ’62; Marybeth Binkley Gill ’86; George Glarner ’56;  Ralph Gray ’61; John Greaves ’60 and Sandy Gardner Greaves ’60; Bill Hoffman ’60; John ’67 and Dee Smith (’67) Kennedy; Mario Lacenere ’61; Jerry ’64, D’74 and Fran Lobaugh  (’64) Malecki;  John Marefka ’56; Sue Kleon McClain ’60, M’74; Dick McDowell ’60 and Ann Brammer McDowell ‘61.

Also, Ed McNutt ’57; Marjorie Turley Nelson ’61; Carole Peterson Orendorff ’60; Ron ’65 and Andi Fleischer (’64) Peters; Robert Reich ’61, M’67; Chuck Rice ’86; Ken Rometo ’62; Rod Ruddock ’65, M’75 and Ellen Sylves (’66) Ruddock; John Scarnati ’67; Sam ’61 and Marlene Inman (’59) Scavo; Leah Rae Deeter Schinelli ’57; Jay ’59 and Sally Kamer (’59) Shaffer; Mike ’65 and Pat Gerhold (’65) Sheleheda; Dick ’57, M’64 and Lori Vota (’57) Stevenson; Shari Trinkley ’81; Larry ’64 and Ann McCartney (’66) Vosovic; Annabel Fish Wilson ’60; and George Wise ’62 and Theresa Nastase Wise ’63.

For information on plans for 2007, contact Sam Scavo at 16575 W. Isleta Court, Surprise, AZ 85387-2827 or by e-mail at samiup61@cox.net.

After Forty Years, Sig Taus Get Together

(Editor’s Note: Bill Young ’65 provided the following narrative.)

On a Florida golf course in 2004, Bill Young from IUP’s Pi Chapter, Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, asked his golf partner, who worked for the Pennsylvania State Education Association, a question. Did he know Francis (Butch) Santicola, a fraternity brother, who worked at PSEA for years? He said that he had worked with him and he would provide contact information the next week. 

Butch and Bill made contact, and they thought that a brotherhood reunion would be a great idea. Bill contacted IUP and asked for contact information for brothers who graduated between 1964 and 1966. Butch and Bill started contacting the brotherhood. Several first-contact brothers, including Bob Cavaluchi, Byron Beard, Jack Braton, Gary Pittinger, Terry Wansor, Eugene Meglio, Tim Kelly, Ron Martini, Bill Rusnack, and Ken Peters, volunteered to help contact the rest of the brothers on the list and help organize a reunion. We now have about a hundred brothers on our list who graduated between 1962 and 1968. 

Once we had significant numbers, our fearless leaders, Bob Cavaluchi and Butch Santicola decided to hold a weekend reunion in June, 2005, at the Radisson Hotel in Monroeville. There were fifty-five brothers in attendance and thirty-two spouses/guests. The brothers came from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Vermont, Missouri, Florida, and California. We also received best wishes and regrets from half as many brothers who could not attend due to scheduling conflicts.

On Friday afternoon, brothers engaged in bull sessions or went golfing. What was amazing is that we picked up where we left off fifty years ago. Brothers had distinguished themselves in so many ways but that didn’t matter. Nicknames from the sixties still prevailed, and any pecking order established in the sixties was still in effect. On Friday evening we went to a local restaurant and had dinner and informal discussions. 

On Saturday afternoon we had a hospitality suite set up as a Chapter Room with lots of pictures, paddles, scrapbooks, and other memorabilia. Name tags were needed, since many of us had not seen each other for over forty years.

We opened our Saturday night banquet with a reading of minutes of an actual sixties fraternity meeting by Chuck Sabatos. What a hoot! Ray Dunlevy returned a forty-year-old Sig Tau jacket to its original owner, Larry Davies. Jack Braton, our fraternity president of forty years ago, was the master of ceremonies for the banquet. Several brothers, including Dan Edgar, Ron Korczynski, Al Thomas, and Butch Beard, got the microphone and told stories, and most of them were true. The banquet concluded with all the brothers holding hands and forming a circle around the spouses and guests as we sang the Rose of Sigma Tau and the Sig Tau Chant.

On Sunday, we returned to our homes with a renewed understanding of how important we were to each other. Bob Keefer lost his life a few months after the reunion. All of us were very saddened by his death but very pleased that we got to see him at the reunion. The brotherhood vowed to keep in touch, and we have done that. A second reunion will be held in Indiana on May 3-6, 2007. Contact Byron Beard (ezsqueez@comcast.net) or Bob Cavaluchi (cavaluch@yahoo.com) for more information.

Last year’s attendees: Byron Beard ’66; Ted Bocek ’63;  John Braton ’64; Zack Camardese ’66; Robert Cavaluchi ’64; Vito Cerra ’66; Dave Dahlin ’63; Larry Davies ’63; Thomas DeFilippi ’64, M’68;  Lou D’Emilio, ’62; Guy DeToma ’66; Dick DeWitt,’64; Dennis DiCicco ’67; Ray Dunlevy ’65, M’68; Dan Edgar ’64, M’ 65; Richard Grissinger ’65; Jim Harvey ’65; Clifford Huen ’64, M’71; Robert Keefer ’65; Tim Kelly ’65; Bob Kerr ’63, M’71; Stan Konowalski ’66; Ron Korczynski ’64, M’68; and Casey Kuszaj ’64.

Also, Tom Link ’64, M’67; Dennis Lipecky ’68; Dave Luffy ’65; Dick Macedonia ’66; Bob Majcher ’64; Ron Martini ’66; Dan Mashuda ’65; Jim Mazza ’64; Jim McCracken ’63, M’72; Gene Meglio ’64; Don Miller ’65; John Moreau ’63; Ken Ohler ’65, M’71; Ken Peters ’65, M’66; Gary Pittenger ’63; Paul Popely ’65; Ted Rossetti ’62; Bill Rusnack ’66; Ray Rutter ’66; Chuck Sabatos ’65; John Sabatos ’63, M’67; Butch Santicola ’66; Dennis Summers ’66, M’68; Al Thomas ’64; Dale Turzak ’62; Terry Wansor ’65, M’71, D’80; Paul Welch ’62; Dave Wilson ’66; Bill Young ’65; Ed Zembrzuski ’65, M’68; and Al Zito ’68.