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Volunteers Energize Campaign

The university’s multiyear capital campaign, Gateways to Opportunity, officially concluded at the end of June.

Not only did alumni and friends of IUP come together as donors to make contributions that far exceeded the original campaign goal of $14 million, but many of them also served as campaign volunteers.


The official total of gifts and pledges raised in the campaign was $21.7 million. Of this amount, more than $7.2 million was for student scholarships, and more than $5.6 million was designated for the Student Opportunity Fund. Both of these initiatives were supported at a level far beyond the original goals set for them.

William Shipley ’75 and Myron Tomb ’69 were the campaign chairs. Campaign volunteers included the following: Kevin Abbott ’78, Robert Ackerman, Andrea Logue Alsippi ’75, William Ames, Allan Andrew M’71, Marcia Tokar Arena ’85, Yaw Asamoah, Larry Barron ’74, Margaret Bellak, Barbara Blackledge, Tom Borellis, Lynn Botelho, Lewis Brindle ’75, Sherman Brizzi ’73, Bonnie Curry Brose ’67, Terry Bunton ’62, Catherine Burger-Leister ’78, Gary Buterbaugh ’67, and John Butzow.

Also, Robert Camp, James Carmella, Patrick Carone, Barbara Alphin Chimicles ’70, Lawrence Claus ’67, M’70, Alfred  Clegg and Stephanie Bronstetter Clegg ’70, Brett Clifford, Frank Condino, Robert Cook ’64, Thomas Curtiss, William Darr, John Delaney and Susan Snell Delaney ’64, Joseph Dell, Jeffrey DeMarco ’81, Lois Drayer, Robert Duggan, Terry Dunlap ’81, Jennifer Luzier Dunsmore ’98, John Eck, Gary Edwards, James Emberg M’81, Steven Ender, and Elizabeth Evans.

Also, Thomas Falcone, John Fedorko ’90, Pamela Fetterman ’00, Joan Fisher, David Foltz, Rena Fowler, John Frank ’58, Felicia Fred ’81, Michelle Fryling, William Gonda ’84, Jacqueline Gorman, Kathleen Greenwell ’71, Karen Philippi Gresh ’67, Donna McCrea Griffith ’74, M’77, and Lisa Guarino M’90. 

Also, William Hastings, Florence Helwig, Robert Hermann ’42, Gwendolyn Williams Hoffman ’73, Claire Kennedy Hogan ’74, Mark Holman ’79, Chris Holuta ’89, Michael Hood, Robert Hovanec ’76, Robert Howard ’77, Donald Howe ’79, Davie Huddleston ’68, Matthew Hughes ’89, Richard Hugus ’71, Dennis Hulings, Daniel Jack ’79, David Johnson ’53, John Johnson ’72, M’73, Ward Johnson ’80, and Ronald Juliette ’68.

Also, Aleksandra Kaniasty, John Kimball, Nicholas Kolb, Carl Kologie, Kathleen Kundar ’68, Alan Leberknight ’64 , Jeffrey Leventry ’80, M’81, Barbara Stahl Lovejoy ’75, Joseph Lubold, Carl Luciano, Rhonda Luckey, Ronald Lunardini ’70, and Kim Lyttle’72, M’74 and Mary Jo Banks Lyttle ’86, M’89. 

Also, Jeffrey Mack ’79 and Linda Moore-Mack ’75, Joseph Manzinger ’81, Robert Marcus, Robert Marx ’69, M’73, Joseph Mastro, David Mawhinney ’86, Evon McCoy, Robert McFarland, Jr. ’80 and Mary Weaver McFarland ’80, Brook McGinnis ’93, M’97, John Mesher ’74, James Mikula ’77, James Mill, James Miller, Judith Agnew Moorhead M’74,  Bernard Moreau ’60, M’67, Mary Ordakowski Morgan ’91, Robert Moyer ’79, William Mrozowski ’75, Stanford Mukasa, Edward Nardi D’96, Frances Nee, Cynthia Heaton Nelson ’69, Nancy Newkerk, Alphonse Novels, Lloyd Onyett, David Osikowicz, and Eugene O'Sullivan ’71.

Also, Larry Panaia ’65, M’71, Mark Pasquerilla, Debrah Carmella Pettigrew ’71, Lawrence Pettit, John Pino M’79, Mark Piwinsky, Henry Pliske, Ruth Podbielski, Timothy Pulte ’85, Wallace Putt ’69 and Donna Dickie Putt ’69, Bennett Rafoth, William Ravotti ’89, Edward Receski M’66, David Reddecliff ’82, Diane Reinhard, Catherine Talerico Renda ’61, Ruth Riesenman ’64, George Rogers, Sean Rollman ’92, Tom Rooney, Ellen Sylves Ruddock ’66, Timothy Rupert ’68, and Howard Russell ’89.

Also, David Sanders ’74 and Gail Hahn Sanders ’74, Sam Sandora ’79, Patricia Scott ’81, William Shane, William Shipley ’75, David Siesko ’83, Richard Simonetta ’71, Jonathan Smith ’82, Samuel Smith, Susan Stake, P.J. Stapleton, Walter Stapleton M’87, Mark Staszkiewicz, Gregory Steve ’88, Dennis Stover ’76 and Regina Dressel Stover ’75, Michael Supinka, and William Swauger.

Also, Edward Tate ’78, Gregory Thoreson ’83, Myron Tomb ’69, Christine Toretti-Olson, Valarie McDowell Trimarchi ’87, M’91, Shari Trinkley ’81, Richard Ubinger ’81, John Varner ’57, Louis Vigliotti ’79, Brien Wall ’70, Timothy Wallace ’79, Gealy Wallwork, Clark Walter ’61, David Williams ’79, Gail Wilson, Larry Wood ’90, Melvin Woodard, Albert Wutsch ’03, Gregor Young, Michael Young ’82, Thomas Zaucha, Lee Zoeller ’86, Carleen Zoni, and Phillip Zorich.