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IUP by the Numbers

More to Like on the Website

Coinciding with the release of this issue of IUP Magazine is the relaunch of the magazine website at www.iup.edu/magazine.

The new IUP website home page

The new IUP website home page

Aside from its new look, the magazine website offers more Web-only features, known as Web Exclusives, and, as it evolves, will continue to offer more opportunities for reader participation and submissions via the Web. Icons in the print magazine will identify content that is expanded on the website through Alumni Extra and Web Exclusives.

Web Exclusives now appearing on the magazine website include:

  • Breezedale through the decades: A collection of stories as well as photos, floor plans, and other images of Breezedale over the years from the IUP Magazine cache
  • The transition of Transition: A recap of the history and relocations of the steel sculpture—often referred to as the “three J’s”—created by the three art students in the early eighties
  • IUP in Second Life: A look at IUP’s presence in the on-line virtual world of Second Life and how it enhances the academic experience

With the capability of covering topics in greater depth, the new Web presence is intended to supplement the print edition and improve reader access to the treasury of information in the IUP Magazine collection.

The new magazine website is just one of a number of changes IUP’s website, www.iup.edu, has undergone in the past year.

The launch of the new university site in January 2008—which followed two other revamps since the initial website launch in June 1997—involved an updated look and feel, including a change of major colors from blue and yellow to the more familiar IUP crimson and gray. It featured different navigation—the menus, breadcrumbs, and other links that help users get where they want to go (and figure out where they are). And, though not as visibly noticeable, the focus and the structure of the website changed, intended for easier use by prospective students and their parents as well as IUP alumni, whose main contact with IUP is likely via the Web.

These numbers chronicle use of the new university website, from February 2008 through February 2009:


  • 5,519,470 visits
  • 1,633,708 visitors
  • 17,486,789 pages served

About Our Visitors:

Locations represented:
  • 220 countries and territories
  • All 50 states, plus the District of Columbia
  • 80 percent using Internet Explorer
  • 16 percent using Firefox
  • 4 percent using other browsers
Operating systems:
  • 95 percent using Windows
  • 4 percent using Macintosh
  • 1 percent using another operating system
  • 91 percent with broadband
  • “iup” is the most common search term bringing visitors.


(Figures are approximate)

  • 45,000 pages on the old website
  • 30,000 pages on the new site (as of January 31, 2009)
  • 107 pages updated, on average, each business day


  • 4 staff members running the website
  • 409 web maintainers (faculty, staff members, and students who submit and maintain content for their department or office websites)


  • April 1990: iup.edu registered
  • June 1997: First IUP website launched

IUP Website Traffic Ranking:

  • 29,954 worldwide, as of January 2009
  • 8,424 in the U.S., as of January 2009 (Source: Alexa.com)

Total Websites Worldwide: