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For Love, Not Money

Each year, scores of alumni and friends of the university serve in volunteer leadership capacities as members of the IUP Council of Trustees, the Foundation for IUP Board of Directors, and the IUP Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Although oversight of the State System of Higher Education is vested in the Board of Governors, each of Pennsylvania’s fourteen state-owned universities has its own Council of Trustees. The university trustees are responsible for financial oversight and for insuring compliance of university policies with state law. Appointments of council members are made by the governor and confirmed by the Senate.

The Foundation for IUP is the nonprofit charitable vehicle through which charitable dollars raised by volunteers and staff members are passed to the university to improve the educational and leadership environment. Board members are chosen for their professional expertise and support of the university.

Members of the IUP Alumni Association Board of Directors are nominated by an association Nominating Committee and voted on by members of the association. Selection of the nominees is based on demonstrated service and commitment to IUP as alumni and on participation in association activities.

Current voting members of these leadership bodies are listed below.

IUP Council of Trustees
David Osikowicz, Chair
Susan Snell Delaney ’64, Vice Chair
James Miller, Secretary
Robert Hovanec ’76, Treasurer
Chad Buckwalter (student trustee)
Mark Holman ’79
David Johnson ’53
Colleen Kopp ’93
Representative Samuel Smith
Carolyn Armrose Snyder ’81
Gealy Wallwork
Foundation for IUP Board of Directors
Chris Holuta ’89, President
G. Daniel Prushnok ’76, Vice President
Frank Kinter, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer
Lorna Milkovich Abernathy ’83
Todd Abraham ’88
David Antolik ’88
Richard Caruso ’83
George Chressanthis ’77
Barbara Hafer
Cecelia Mackey
Robert Marcus
William Mrozowski ’75
James Renacci ’80
Catherine Talerico Renda ’61
Ruth Riesenman ’64
Timothy Rupert ’68
Marla Sabo ’79
Randall (“Louie”) Sheetz ’77
William Shipley ’75
Andrew Stephenson ’72
Larry (“Buzz”) Wood, Jr. ’90
IUP Alumni Association Board of Directors
David Reddecliff ’82, President
Suzanne Kuhn Teele ’82, Vice President
Representative James Wansacz ’94, Secretary
Michael Staub ’80, Treasurer
Marcia Tokar Arena ’85
Lewis C. Brindle ’75
Cynthia A. Carter-Wedgewood ’80
Thomas E. Costello ’88
Sandra Hoover Diefenderfer ’67
Sandra Koeppl ’87
Matthew Konetschni ’95, M’98
Representative David Reed ’00
Ellen Sylves Ruddock ’66
Elaine Tselepis Sheetz ’71
Pamela Sledge-Coley ’97
Gregory Steve ’88

David Osikowicz

David Osikowicz chairs the IUP Council of Trustees. “The university as a whole is such a tremendous organization and has such an impact on our region,” he said. “My original impetus was to become involved because of Punxsutawney—with the IUP campus and the Culinary Academy. As that involvement expanded, I realized how great the university truly is. If I can lend a little help to further that greatness, I’m happy to do so.” Osikowicz is owner of Valier Coal Yard near Punxsutawney. (Photo: Keith Boyer)

David Reddecliff ’82

David Reddecliff ’82 is president of the IUP Alumni Association Board of Directors.

“Along with wonderful lifelong friends and great memories,” he said, “IUP provided me with a first-class academic foundation for my career in government and politics.  To give back a little of my time and talents to an institution that gave me so much is certainly a distinct honor and privilege.” Reddecliff is chief of staff in the office of the Pennsylvania House Republican Whip. (Photo courtesy of David Reddecliff)

Chris Holuta ’89

Chris Holuta ’89 is president of the Foundation for IUP Board of Directors. “IUP provided me with so many opportunities when I was a student,” he said, “and I feel it is my obligation to give back. I contribute, financially and with my time, to the Foundation for IUP, because I deeply believe that the difference between a good state university and an exceptional one is solely based on the university’s ability to generate private support.  The Foundation makes that private support possible, which in turn benefits the current students of IUP.” Holuta is vice president of Reschini Insurance Agency in Indiana. (Photo: Keith Boyer)