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• Each year, IUP faculty members publish scores of books, express themselves in nonprint media, and display their work in visual arts exhibits. Select for a complete list of 2006 works. A reception in honor of all those who produced scholarly works—authors, artists, journal editors, videographers, and composers—was hosted by President Tony Atwater in Stapleton Library in the spring.

Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change is IUP’s Common Freshman Reader for 2007-2008. Of Elizabeth Kolbert’s book, Publishers Weekly said: “On the burgeoning shelf of cautionary but occasionally alarmist books warning about the consequences of dramatic climate change, Kolbert’s calmly persuasive reporting stands out for its sobering clarity.”

The book will be distributed free to first-year students before they arrive on campus, and new students are encouraged to read the text before beginning their studies at IUP. It will also be the focus of a nationwide effort in which IUP will join to engage in an interdisciplinary discussion about global warming solutions.

The first Common Freshman Reader, Fast Food Nation, was read last year by IUP’s 2,600 freshmen and many other community members, who debated the text and attended programs and events that addressed the book’s issues. Author Eric Schlosser visited campus in March, and nearly five hundred students attended a showing of the film based on the book at the Indiana Theater. Of the book, Deirdre Donahue wrote in USA Today: “Fast Food Nation is the kind of book that you hope young people read because it demonstrates far better than any social studies class the need for government regulation, the unchecked power of multinational corporations, and the importance of our everyday decisions.”
Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser spoke in Memorial Field House last spring.   

Creating Casual Games for Profit and Fun by Communications Media professor Allen Partridge was published in February by Charles River Game Development. Partridge said the book “gives an introduction to common game development practices, an overview of the industry, and examples (code included) of some of the most common games. It includes some great interviews with industry insiders on both the development and business ends of the industry.”

Counseling Department faculty member Laura Marshak and former faculty member Fran Pollock Prezant have written Married with Special-Needs Children: A Couples Guide to Keeping Connected, published by Woodbine House. According to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article by Tina Calabro, “Over the past few years, numerous books have been written about raising children with special needs, but—until now—none that focus solely on the tremendous stress that such parenting adds to a marriage.” Married with Special-Needs Children has won an iParenting Media Award.

IUP Magazine still hears from readers seeking information about Teaching of History Through the Art of Robert Griffing by Robert and Kathleen Millward, which appeared in a 2004 issue. Now, Robert Millward, coordinator of the Administration and Leadership Program in IUP’s College of Education and Educational Technology, has produced another paintings-related project.

A DVD called A Leadership Walk Across Gettysburg features paintings by Mort Künstler, who Millward describes “as probably the most famous of Civil War painters in the United States.” The “walk” is guided by Len Fullenkamp, a professor at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle. Fullencamp’s observations are underscored by Künstler’s images and enlivened by the music of Indiana’s Wildcat Regiment Band. The DVD’s video production is the work of William Hamilton ’92 and Emily Jaros ’03, M’05, members of IUP’s University Relations staff. Readers can reach Millward at millward@iup.edu or 724-357-5593. 

The first science fiction novel by Frank Lewandowski ’76 has been produced by PublishAmerica. According to the author, Light Years from Paradise—Einstein’s Double-Take “tells the tale of a starship visiting a space colony that has been isolated for centuries. It’s a story of action and intrigue with an element of romance.” The book’s cover was designed by the author’s son, Michael. Lewandowski and his wife, Sandra, have lived in Texas since 1984. Over the past decade, he has written about three dozen plays and skits that have been performed as his local church. Information about his book is available at PublishAmerica.com and at the Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites.

Last fall, Scott Gillespie ’78, ’85 released a CD called Movin’ On, which contains twelve original songs in an acoustical format (folk/country rock genre). The work represents a three-year effort not only on the part of Scott but also his collaborator, Bill Duff ’90. Information and audio clips can be found at www.scottgillespie.name. Later this year, Scott expects to release another CD, The Invisible Man, with another dozen original songs and accompaniment by Jared Greece ’06 (guitar) and Philip Kuehn (bass), who plays regularly with Wynton Marsalis. Both Scott and Bill are teachers in the Apollo-Ridge (Pa.) School District.

Celia Miles D’80 has published her fifth book of fiction, Sarranda, an historical novel. According to the author, the title character “with unflinching honesty, grace, and humor chronicles her life in remote western North Carolina during the mid-1800s. In a time disrupted, a family fragmented, and a land almost destroyed, Sarranda reveals the strength, endurance, and spirit of the mountain woman.” Information is at Infinitypublishing.com or from the author (celiamiles@fastmail.fm).

Rebecca Joyce Lamperski ’90 has produced Full Bloom: Planting the Seeds for Your Future, published by Trafford Publishing. Through her love of gardening and life stories, Lamperski takes the reader through a unique, twenty-step process to achieve the reader’s goals and enjoy the rewards.

Kris Mellinger ’94 has published her late mother’s inspirational poems called The Butterfly Is Me. Margaret Ann Stanton wrote the poems after being diagnosed with rare and aggressive inflammatory breast cancer. She died in 2005. Kris’s stepfather is Joseph Harosky ’69, and her fiancé is Paul Fairman ’00. A portion of proceeds from the book are donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, American Cancer Society, and the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Two novels by Megan Hart ’93 have been published by Harlequin Spice. Their titles are Dirty (set in Harrisburg) and Broken. A third book is in the works.

Books, Non-Print Media, and Visual Arts by Faculty Members, 2006

College of Education and Educational Technology

Victoria Damiani, Crisis Prevention and Intervention in the Classroom: What Teachers Should Know, Rowman & Littlefield

Mary Renck Jalongo, Creative Thinking and Arts-Based Learning: Preschool through Fourth Grade (fourth edition), Prentice Hall

Mary Renck Jalongo, Early Childhood Language Arts (fourth edition), Prentice Hall

Erick Lauber, Media Bias: The War on Journalism, Indiana University (Bloomington) [videotape]

Mary Beth Leidman, Binge Drinking…Is Not a Sport, Produced at IUP, aired throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania [executive producer/writer/host for a series of public service announcements]

Mary Beth Leidman, Excerpt Concert: Deep Creek Symphony Orchestra, Live recording and interviewing: McKenry, Md.; post-production: Complex One Recording Studios, Indiana, Pa. [executive producer/writer/host for CD of an hour-long radio presentation of a live concert]

Allen Partridge (coauthor Ken Kilfara), Podz, Oberon Media [computer game]

Allen Partridge (coauthor Ken Kilfara), Word Whacky, Reflexive Arcade [computer game]

Jennifer V. Rotigel, Encouraging Your Child’s Math Talent: The Involved Parents’ Guide, Prufrock Press, Inc.

Wenfan Yan, The Promise of Educational Psychology: Learning in the Content Areas, Person Education Asian Limited and Jiangshu Education Publishing House

College of Fine Arts

Richard Kemp, Pittsburgh: The Opera, Squonk Opera (producing organization); Kelly Strayhorn Theatre (venue) with copresenters Pittsburgh Roars, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, and the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center [theater production; cowriter and stage director]

Richard Kemp, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Quantum Theatre (producing organization); The Rose Garden, Mellon Park, Pittsburgh (venue) [actor in theater production]

Richard Kemp, Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War I, Inecom Entertainment Company [voice-over narrator of documentary film]

John Stamp, In This Hid Clearing, Neil A. Kjos Music Publishers [concert band music]

John Stamp, The Beltway Jam, Neil A. Kjos Music Publishers [concert band music]

John Stamp, Fanfare Song and Fugue, Masters Music Company [music written for a young band]

John Stamp, The Composer’s Voice: The Wind Music of Alfred Reed, Klavier Music Productions [CD recording with interview of composer]

Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria, Alamar (ASEA), Proyecto’ ACE, Buenos Aires, Argentina [solo exhibition of video projections onto sculptural objects]

Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria, Aflujo-Afflux, Artists Image Resource Project Galleries, Pittsburgh, and Mesaros Gallery, Morgantown [solo exhibition of prints, paintings, and video installations]

Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria, International Print Triennial, “Bunkier Sztuki,” Cracow, Poland; Horst-Janssen Museum, Oldenburg, Germany, KüünstlerHaus, Wien, Austria [three works as part of a group exhibition]

Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria, Further: Artists from Printmaking at the Edge, Salem Fine Arts Center, Winston-Salem, NC; Galeria Harmonia, Jyväskylä, Finland [group exhibition]

Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria, EntreMuros/Between Walls, Guanajuato, Mexico [group exhibition]

College of Health and Human Services

Alida Merlo (coauthor Peter J. Benekos), Crime Control, Politics, and Policy (second edition), LexisNexis/Anderson

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Lynn Botelho (coauthor Francis Bremer), John Winthrop’s Worlds:  England and New England, 1588-1649, Massachusetts Historical Society

Stuart Chandler, Eastern Religions Come to Western Pennsylvania, Thiel College [exhibit]

Jerry G. Gebhard, Teaching English as a Foreign and Second Language: A Teacher Development and Methodology Guide (second edition), The University of Michigan Press

David Ian Hanauer, Scientific Discourse: Multiliteracy in the Classroom, Continuum Press

Sarah W. Neusius (coauthor G. Timothy Gross), Seeking Our Past: An Introduction to North American Archaeology, Oxford University Press

Lydia H. Rodriguez, Helena Maria Viramontes in Her Own Words, Editorial Nuevo Espacio, New York

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Catherine Jerman (coeditors Terry Peard and Janet Walker; editor in chief Susan Courson), Best Products for Teacher Preparation in Mathematics and Science, Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation in Pennsylvania [monograph]

Thomas R. Lord (coauthor Holly Travis), The Ferns and Fern Allies of Pennsylvania, Pinelands Press

Terry Peard (coeditors Catherine Jerman and Janet Walker; editor in chief Susan Courson), Best Products for Teacher Preparation in Mathematics and Science, Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation in Pennsylvania [monograph]

Catherine Raeff, Always Separate, Always Connected: Independence and Interdependence in Cultural Contexts of Development, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Janet Walker (coeditors Catherine Jerman and Terry Peard; editor in chief Susan Courson), Best Products for Teacher Preparation in Mathematics and Science, Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation in Pennsylvania [monograph]