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(Editor’s Note: The death last November of former Biology Department chair and faculty member Frank Liegey occasioned the following letter.)

Dr. Liegey Inspires a Life and Career 

To My Fellow Alumni,

In 1966, I was Dr. Liegey’s lab assistant in microbiology. I was awarded a two-year ROTC Scholarship for my junior and senior years. I, therefore, would owe a four-year Army commitment. My future was planned, or so I thought.

While loading the autoclave one day, I was called to Dr. Liegey’s office. I assumed that the lab setup was to be changed. When I came in to see him, he began to review my academic records. (He was not my advisor.) I did not have outstanding grades in all subjects, but my biology and chemistry grades were good. He suggested that I should consider medical or dental school as an option.

• June 1968 – awarded B.S. degree in Biology, commissioned as officer in U.S. Army

• August 1968 – married Karen Kapeleski, who has a B.S. in Elementary Education

• September 1968 – granted excess leave from Army to begin dental school at the University of Pittsburgh

• June 1972 – awarded D.M.D. degree from Pitt and recommissioned as a captain in the Army Dental Corps

• April 1977 – retired from Dental Corps as major

After a few short associateships, I opened my own practice in May 1978. I retired from private practice in December 2006 and now work part time a few days a month at nursing homes. I have a wonderful family, and Karen and I will celebrate our fortieth anniversary this August.

Several years ago, we were driving through Indiana and stopped for lunch. I asked the waitress for a phone book, and I looked up Dr. Liegey’s number. I called him a few days later and had a wonderful conversation. I thanked him for taking the time, way back then, to inspire me to achieve more.

IUP has a long history of starting many successful careers. If yours started here with one of our faculty members, I know that person would appreciate hearing from you.

J. Gary McHugh ’68
Mars, Pa.

The Face Is Familiar 

(Editor’s Note: On page 15 of the Spring issue, a reader noticed a photo posted by Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist Harrison Wick.)

Dear Mr. Wick,

My name is Maureen (Brown) Hasinger, Class of 1984, and the unidentified picture is of me and my college roommate, Linda Siler, on our graduation day in May 1984. Linda has the lighter hair, and I have my arm around her. You can only imagine how shocked I was to see a picture of Linda and me used as an example of IUP’s “archival collections.” Twenty-four years of pictures and you choose one of me! It is like winning the lottery!

I have already received e-mails from friends in Pennsylvania. Thank you for reviving such wonderful memories of my time spent at IUP. The past twenty-four years have been rich and full and have passed much too quickly, but I will always remember fondly my four years with Linda and IUP.

Maureen Brown Hasinger ’84
Jamestown, N.C.

Greetings and a Gift 

Thank you for sending me a sample of the spring edition of IUP Magazine. Perhaps you would like to hear from the ancient past. WOW! Fifty-seven years ago. I must be getting old!

I graduated from Indiana in January 1951 with a B.S. in Music Education and then earned a Master of Education at Indiana in August 1965. I continued my graduate work and earned a Master of Music in June 1970 at the University of Oregon in Eugene. I was a music educator in the public schools of Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Arizona and retired in California after thirty-five years of service. I then entered the therapeutic music field and pursued my composition education from Oregon, by composing marches and anthems.

Enclosed are two complete arrangements of my recent successful march, “All-American Firemen.” I wish to donate these arrangements to your band. They contain two CDs of the march.

Here in Palm Springs, I met a member of a color guard of the Kittanning, Pa., Firemen’s Band that performs in Indiana at various events.

Your huge growth is certainly impressive. When I attended Indiana, there were only 1,500 students. I was fortunate to be elected student body president during my enrollment between 1947 and 1951.

William H. Keister ’51, M’65
Desert Hot Springs, Calif.