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This Day

What is “a day in the life” really like for a TV celebrity, an inmate, a star forward for the WNBA, a New York Times reporter, a retired grandmother of two, the CEO of a corporate icon, a Mennonite, a Congresswoman, and the president of NOW?

This Day

This Day: Diaries From American Women is a compelling collection of day diaries from these women and many others.

The idea for the book was conceived by Joni Cole ’80, a writer and the mother of two young daughters. Cole and her two coeditors solicited day diary contributions from across experiential, cultural, geographic, and socioeconomic boundaries. The book includes thirty-five complete day diaries from a diverse group of women and excerpts from over one hundred other contributors.

“It was surprisingly easy to recruit day diarists,” said Cole. “We learned that women—even prominent women—aren’t often asked to speak in their own voices. Countless day diarists were surprised we would value their perspective enough to invite them to participate in this project. Yet, when you read their first-person accounts, the content is interesting, powerful, and often inspirational.”

While the book reveals each day diarist’s uniqueness, it also underscores some interesting commonalities among women. “No matter who we are or where we live, by virtue of our gender we are all part of the powerful, quirky, and wonderful community of women,” said Cole. “And that puts us in very good company.”

Before creating This Day, Cole was cowriter of a business strategy book, Strategic Supremacy: How Industry Leaders Create Growth, Wealth, and Power Through Spheres of Influence. For more information about This Day, visit www.thisdayinthelife.com.