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What They Said

Harrisburg (Pa.) Patriot News:

“Typically, women prisoners were at some time victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, said Rosemary Gido, a criminology professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. ‘It's a common thread of the history of women in prison,’ the former director of policy for the New York Commission on Corrections said. An inmate in a women's prison most commonly is a thief with a drug addiction, she said. Society likes to stereotype women who commit murder but that is wrong, Gido said. Each case must be examined individually, she said.”  (“Death Row Loneliness Lies Ahead for Woman,” by Juohn Beauge, April 24, 2005)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“Lack of knowledge among America’s young about the sacrifices, successes and mistakes in Vietnam could make them vulnerable. That’s Steve Jackson’s fear. Jackson, a professor of political science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, said students in his Introduction to American Politics course have little if any knowledge about the Vietnam War and its lessons. He finds that appalling, especially in light of the U.S.’s current involvement in Iraq. ‘Oftentimes, in world history courses, high school teachers only get to World War II and then the school year's over,’ Jackson said. ‘Unfortunately, high school curriculums are taught in a fairly black-and-white manner, which is what school boards demand. They don’t want nuanced positions, they want right and wrong, and World War II is a great story of right and wrong. Vietnam is a much more complicated thing to teach, and high school teachers tend to shy away from it.’” (“Vietnam’s Lost Lessons,” by Michael A. Fuoco, April 29, 2005)