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Swimming Stars and Dr. Lepley

That was a great article in the Spring issue of IUP Magazine about the two gentlemen from Poland and the records they set. Records are made to be broken! Please forward my congratulations on to them and their coach.

I was one of the first record holders from years gone by, and it really tickled me to see kids kicking butt for IUP. I was one of the first male swim team members in 1968-69 to swim in the new pool at IUP, and I can't tell you how proud I was to see my name on the record board in the field house pool. Dr. Gene Lepley was our coach, and at that time nobody had heard of swim goggles.  Dr. Lepley bought us rubber diving goggles to experiment with. He was one of the first coaches to use underwater filming of his swimmers to analyze strokes, and I was one of the first naughty kids to abuse this technology as a lifeguard by filming shots of girls diving into the diving tank at university free swim. We have come a long way, Baby!!

Until a month or two ago, I was principal of a school in Arizona and have now retired after thirty years in education. I know Dr. Lepley has passed on, and I never had a chance to thank him for his guidance and understanding of a young man who was full of mischief and energy. I wish the young Polish stars all the luck, and I hope they are lucky enough to have a coach as great as Dr. Lepley.

Rich Clawson ’72
Glendale, Ariz.

Taste of Home

Greetings from Far Away,

I just wanted to say that I received the latest issue of IUP Magazine. It gets sent to my home then forwarded with the rest of my mail. It is a nice taste of home. I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

1st Sgt. Kelly Luster ’01, M’03
Baghdad, Iraq

Mistaken Identity

Let me tell you what I think is a funny story.

I received your pledge card and paid my pledge, in full, about a month ago. I was surprised when I received the enclosed pledge card but decided my donation hadn’t been processed yet.

About a week later, I received a thank-you from Indiana University. I live in Indianapolis but have never given to IU, only to IUP. Somehow, IU solicited me, and I inadvertently donated to them. You can understand how easy that would be…IU vs. IUP…even the school colors are similar! All of my Hoosier friends have gotten quite a laugh out of this. Thought you would, too.

Here is my donation to Indiana University OF PENNSYLVANIA!

Cynthia Neville Sabuda ’78
Indianapolis, Ind.