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Pieces of History

I just wanted to thank you for that wonderful article (and pictures) entitled “Where Greats Have Gathered.” I enjoyed it so much, and the memories came flooding back. I was on campus from 1967 to 1971. I met my husband there, and my parents also met there in the 1940s. I lived in both John Sutton Hall and Tom Sutton Hall, and I am going to save all of the photos in the article. I made stage designs for Fisher Auditorium for my art classes and attended many fine productions there. Thank you so much for featuring the buildings around the Oak Grove. It enabled me to relive my wonderful years at IUP. Thank goodness these pieces of history are not being destroyed.

Susan Dominick Mussoline ’71
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Misleading Map

I enjoyed your article “A Spectacular Find in Cypriot Survey.” As an IUP alumnus from Cyprus, I was surprised to see an article about my country in IUP Magazine.

I would like to point out though to something that wasn’t researched before it was published. The map you have on page 7 of your Summer, 2005, publication is misleading to someone that doesn’t know the history of Cyprus.

Cyprus was invaded by Turkey in 1974, and Turkey is still occupying illegally 37 percent of its land. “North Cyprus” as you show it on the map does not exist. The only country in the world that recognizes “North Cyprus” is Turkey. The United Nations through its resolutions condemned the occupation and deemed it illegal. The United States does not recognize “North Cyprus.” The only recognized government in Cyprus is the Republic of Cyprus.

Thank you for your patience.

Louis Loizou ’93
Nicosia, Cyprus