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Remember Pearl Harbor

The closest Larry Shedwick ’60 got to World War II action was as a Junior Commando.  He never had a military career because, as a sixties-era science teacher, he was deferred from the draft.  But for the last ten years, Shedwick has immersed himself in relics of wartime —particularly those that deal with Pearl Harbor.

Today, Shedwick’s collection is one of the largest commemorating the event that took place sixty years ago this December.  Parts of his collection have been featured in two books on homefront collectibles.  Shedwick and his wife, Kay (who attended IUP for a year as an undergraduate and returned to earn a master’s degree in 1993) regularly travel from their Ford City, Pa., home to collectors’ shows and conventions across the country.  They also pursue prized mementos by way of e-mail at Lshomefront@alltel.net.

Shedwick taught biology in North Braddock for five years and in Ford City for twenty-eight years before retiring in 1993.  Through collecting, he said he still disseminates knowledge:  “I tell everyone I taught science for thirty-three years.  Now, I teach history.”

Shedwick's collection: pins, pens buttons, stamps, panties, and sugarcubes. Barry Reeger photos.

Memorabilia   Memorabilia

patriotic panties  Sugar cubes -- patriotic and sweet