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Letters to the Editor

A Fitting Irony

In the printed photo from the October 9, 1965, Homecoming game, we can identify three alums from the Class of ’69: Second row from the bottom, second person from the right (first person’s head is cut off) is Sam Baker. I am directly above Sam’s head in the next row, looking to my left, and sitting beside me to my left (next person to the right in the picture) is my wife, Linda (Leighty) McPherson.

Linda and I met one month before the picture was taken, on September 9, 1965—freshman arrival day—standing next to each other in the “I-Card Validation Problems” line at the Student Union, steady-dated throughout our undergraduate years, and were married in August 1969, two months after our graduation, so it is a fitting irony also to have this picture in an issue that carries a feature about alumni couples! We’ll celebrate our forty-second wedding anniversary on August 16.

We both also have master’s degrees from IUP (Don, M.A. in History, 1971; Linda, M.Ed. in English, 1976) and we are faculty emerita/emeritus (Linda, English; Don, Employment and Labor Relations). We both retired in June 2004.

Another great issue—thanks for the memories!

Don McPherson ’69, M’71
Linda Leighty McPherson ’69, M’76
Indiana, Pa.

Another of the 6,888

We enjoyed reading about our friends Barb and Jim Laughlin in the summer IUP Magazine, since we are one of the 6,888 alumni couples. We met at Indiana in 1947 and married in January 1949 before going to Altoona for student teaching and graduating in May 1949.

When we were enrolled in the school, it was known as ISTC (Indiana State Teachers College), but it has since grown to university status, with a much larger enrollment. I think there were about two thousand students when we were there.

Our two daughters, Susan ’80 and Jane ’90, also graduated from IUP and have gone on to successful careers. Jane was chosen as the first female commanding officer for the IUP Marching Band, and she has continued to keep in touch with many of the band members.

I have a long history of connections with Indiana, since my father, Dr. Richard Hitchcock, taught Physics there in 1941-1943 and for some time after his service in World War II.

Even though it has been a long time since we were in Indiana, we still enjoy reading about the activities there and the many students who have been honored in some way. Thank you for keeping us informed.

Elizabeth Hitchcock Anderson ’49
Nicholas Anderson ’49
Gibsonia, Pa.

Another Couple Checks In

We enjoyed the recent article about the couple that met at IUP. Ron and I met in high school, but we both went to IUP. I went in 1967, and, although Ron had an acceptance from Penn State, he went to IUP. … Having taught Family and Consumer Sciences, I enjoyed the recent article “America’s Nutrition Cheerleader” because it is one of the first I have seen that focused on a career from the former Home Economics, now Family and Consumer Sciences, program.

Rebecca Everhart Gohn ’71, M’73
Ronald Gohn ’73
York, Pa.

Seeing Old Friends

It was a pleasure to see the names of old friends in the summer edition of the IUP Magazine. To these, I want to say hello and God bless: Jean Federici Dobis ’55, La Rue Epler ’55, Phil Cavanaugh ’55, Nick Cook ’55, Shirley Hoenstine Davis ’55, Dwight Pecsenye ’55, Cliff Cox ’56, M’59, M’68. And, my condolences and sympathies to the Costanza family. “Minnie,” as I knew her, was a special friend, and I am sure she and her wonderful personality will be missed.

Reverend J. William Dean ’55
York, Pa.

This Kind of Instructor

I know there are so many special educators in the field. How they teach and how they live their lives touch many students. Bill Thomas ’64 was this kind of instructor. He had many students because he was a music teacher.

When he passed away, the obituary was first placed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. Others noticed that there was an overwhelming sharing of memories in the guest book. This brought attention to put an article in the Cleveland Heights Patch newspaper and also the News-Herald newspaper. They were amazed at the 127 entries in the guest book. He was special to those whom he taught. He lived a life that he would have them live. He brought music to them in a way that they appreciated. It was all kinds of music.

I know that he didn’t invent anything, wasn’t head of some enormous company, or raise money for special causes, but he led young adults to better themselves. … He helped teenagers find themselves and make a better country in which to live.

Jane Monroe Thomas ’64
Chesterland, Ohio

A Wonderful Journey

Just a follow-up to Dr. O’Bruba’s letter in the Summer 2011 edition of IUP Magazine. I thank him for inspiring me to write. I, too, am very thankful for my education at IUP. It set a wonderful foundation for doctoral work.

The invitation to attend IUP was the beginning of a wonderful journey in which I discovered my love of being “Student” and the joy of being “Teacher.”

Like Dr. O’Bruba, as a result of my education at IUP, I have had the joy of being of service to college students. Dr. George Zepp, my advisor, was a wonderful inspiration for my work. And I often have shared with my students the words of Dr. Millie Shank, IUP Ed Psych professor: “The sky is the limit. Just do your best, and let God do the rest.”

Janice Lynn “Jay” Hochgertel ’73
New Kensington, Pa.

P.S. Thanks to Keith Boyer, IUP photographer, who has captured the Oak Grove so well—the exact view I shared with my wonderful roommates (Martha Horton, Jan Koll, Debbie Hower) when we lived at 247 John Sutton Hall during Spring term 1970.