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Change, Subtle and Steady

This edition of IUP Magazine is different for reasons you will find obvious—and some that may not be so obvious.

Interim President David Werner

For the first time in its twenty-eight-year history, it has a new editor. Karen Philippi Gresh ’67 oversaw the magazine from its humble start as Oak Leaves in 1983. Over nearly three decades, she led it through several transitions in size and format, to its current format and name. Her work resulted in scores of national awards—from Apex, Admissions Marketing Report, and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, to name a few. IUP Magazine has been a constant through various administrative eras. Gresh never missed a deadline; therefore, the magazine always has been delivered as promised—ensuring IUP remained in our readers’ thoughts on a regular schedule.

Gresh retired in the summer. We wish her well and thank her for her tenure of wise editorial judgment. She has turned the reins over to Elaine Jacobs Smith ’93, who has served as a member of IUP’s Communications staff since 2007.

The magazine you hold in your hands today is Gresh’s legacy, but it is Smith’s to carry on. Within a tweaked design, Smith will continue to bring readers the same high-quality alumni and university stories. But, with IUP’s growing commitment to funded research, she plans to deliver to you more stories like the one you will find in this issue about Tim Nuttle’s research on white-tailed deer.

Funded research is a key element in the educational experience. We are striving to conduct more of it, because we want our students to learn from those who are leaders in their fields of study. As a public university, IUP also has a commitment to use funded research in ways that can be applied to the public good. As a result, we are stepping up our efforts in that regard, and we want to share with you the discoveries our scholars make and the services they provide.

We hope you will continue to grow with IUP by enjoying the magazine you have always known and by reading about our new endeavors.