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IUP by the Numbers

In the Summer 2010 edition of IUP Magazine, readers learned about the decline in monetary support faced by state-owned schools like IUP.

Less than a third of IUP’s budget now comes from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For that reason, IUP is hitting the pavement hard in an effort to make up the shortfall. Those who make philanthropic commitments to IUP might wonder how their contributions are used.

IUP’s Annual Fund is the ongoing campaign for collecting charitable gifts. The Annual Giving Office, which runs the campaign, routes the gifts where they are most needed or to the destination designated by the donors. The following is a breakdown of how gifts to the Annual Fund have been used in the last several years.

Chart: IUP by the Numbers

Fund for IUP: 41 percent

The Fund for IUP covers the university’s greatest need at any given time. This has included covering needs of students who require stipends for internships to assisting faculty members with the cost of research—projects on which they often involve their students—or library acquisitions.

Deans’ Innovation Funds: 20 percent

Gifts given to this effort enable the deans of IUP’s six academic colleges to support their colleges in the best way they see fit. Sometimes, the funds are directed toward programming, such as lectures by distinguished guests. Often, the deans use these funds to purchase specialized equipment for various labs and facilities. For example, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences has used these funds to cover the costs of sending students to academic conferences to present research. The College of Fine Arts has used them to purchase a sound console, automated lighting fixtures, speakers, and draperies for the Waller Theater Mainstage.

Scholarships and Existing Endowments: 13 percent

Often, those who give to the Annual Fund designate their gifts to supplement existing scholarship funds established by alumni and friends and made available to current and applying students. There are many, and they cover a variety of situations for academically talented and financially needy students. See examples of the funds.

Athletics: 7 percent

Each of IUP’s varsity teams has different needs, and so in recent years, IUP formed the Crimson Hawks Athletic Association. In essence, those who join the association direct their gifts to the team of their choice or choose to have them used as the Athletics Department sees fit. Donated funds pay for everything from equipment replacement to scholarships.

Departments and Special Programs: 7 percent

Often, those who give to the Annual Fund wish to direct gifts to the department or program that means the most to them. Examples include the Greek Leadership Fund, the Speech and Hearing Clinic in the Special Education and Clinical Studies Department, or the African American Cultural Center.

Campus Enhancements: 6 percent

The Oak Grove, IUP’s most cherished campus landmark, benefits from this fund through the efforts of the Allegheny Arboretum. But, the arboretum isn’t the only effort funded by gifts to this category. Examples of other enhancements include updates to Sutton Hall’s bell tower and the renovation of Fisher Auditorium.

Arts: 5 percent

Steinway pianos are the standard at the university, in part because of gifts made in this category. Or, in some cases, gifts are directed toward covering the costs of artists in residence or those associated with extraordinary productions. Gifts to the IUP Marching Band also fit into this category.

Other: 1 percent

These gifts reflect requests that are more specific than what is described above or that fall outside the other descriptions.

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