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Michele Takei book cover: She-Q

A book by Michele (Shelley) Takei M’83, She-Q –Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World, was published by Praeger Publishing. It is available on Amazon.

She-Q: Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World

This book takes readers on a fascinating intellectual journey that showcases She-Q as the next great emerging intelligence—a force that can remake the world.

It is a provocative view to say the least, drawing on science and experience to propose that women are without doubt the superior sex. Women, She-Q declares, are far better able than men to integrate thinking and feeling. They are more rational, more moral, and more creative than males—and should no longer accept a male-defined world.

The hypothesis of She-Q: Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World is straightforward, its potential enormous. Females, She-Q declares, are the superior, whole-brained, empathic sex. Society’s failure to recognize that fact has caused women to labor under a limited, male perspective, skewing their knowledge, capping their wisdom, and separating them from Nature, themselves, and each other. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Interweaving personal vignettes with broad-based research, the book marshals evidence from history, science, psychology, and philosophy to underscore the validity of She-Q. It shows how the female brain works differently from the male brain, better integrating the left and right hemispheres so that She-Q transcends both IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional intelligence). Laying out a new, feminine-based understanding of the way women and men think and behave, author Michele Takei demonstrates how women can apply this new-found knowledge to mentor the men in their lives—and achieve true equality.


  • Proposes and explains a new theory of human understanding—She-Q
  • Shows that female equality still exists only within a male-defined game where feminine qualities such as connection, feeling, empathy, compromise, and compassion are valued less than one-dimensional, power-based thinking
  • Utilizes personal vignettes to illustrate She-Q in action
  • Draws on the latest neurological and sociological research to demonstrate that women possess a wisdom that is different from and, in many ways, more advanced than the male-based perspective of knowledge
  • Discusses ways in which women can use She-Q to mentor and change the men in their lives

Michele Takei holds a doctorate in transpersonal psychology and women’s studies from Union Institute. She has been professor at numerous universities where she has taught courses in both traditional and transpersonal psychology. Takei has worked with thousands of women as the director of a single parent and homemaker program, as well as in her private psychological practice. She is the owner and trainer of MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument), a Jungian-based psychological assessment based on symbols and colors.

Michele lives in Raleigh, N.C.