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Scholarship is a conversation—and you can be part of it.

    TheHatchery is IUP’s multidisciplinary undergraduate academic research journal created by IUP Libraries in conjunction with the Jones White Writing Center, the Undergraduate Research Office, and Writing Across the Curriculum. Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by IUP graduate students. The journal is published every spring semester, circulated across campus, and housed in our institutional repository. The journal is open access, allowing IUP’s outstanding undergraduate academic writing to be showcased internationally. 

    The Hatchery seeks outstanding research submitted by undergraduate students. Any undergraduate student can submit work to this journal. Articles should contribute to the scholarly conversation by exploring new ideas and developing knowledge in new ways through its context and purpose, content development, communication of ideas, choice of evidence, attribution of sources, and syntax and mechanics. 

    We accept submissions on a rolling basis, but the submission deadline for spring publication is December 15. Prior to submitting, all articles must be reviewed by the Jones White Writing Center. Students interested in submitting to the Hatchery should make an in-person or online appointment

    Mission and Goals

    The Hatchery seeks to benefit our undergraduate students by: 

    • Encouraging collaboration with their peers and their professors to produce work to be published in the journal 

    • Giving them the chance to publish research to add to their own portfolio and CV 

    • Teaching the logistics, processes, and discipline of the scholarly publication process 

    • Helping them join the ongoing scholarly conversation in their field 

    Submission Guidelines

    Submit to the Hatchery through InfoReady

    Who Can Submit 

    Any IUP student can submit their work for consideration. The work must be completed while the author is enrolled as an undergraduate student. Submissions are reviewed and scored by graduate students according to the rubric. The review process is anonymous for authors and reviewers. Submission deadline is December 15.

    Publication Support from the Jones White Writing Center 

    Prior to submitting to the Hatchery, we ask that all students attend a one-on-one tutorial through the Jones White Writing Center. You can schedule a virtual or in-person tutorial session at our main location in Eicher 218 or our library satellite location. More information about how to schedule a tutorial and visit one of our locations can be found on the Writing Center website

    The Hatchery Workshops, Hosted by the Jones White Writing Center

    “Writing for Publication for Undergraduate Researchers”
    November 4, 2020 
    7:00–8:00 p.m. via Zoom 

    This workshop, led by Writing Center and IUP Libraries faculty, focuses on writing for publication for undergraduate students. The workshop will cover the differences between course papers and publications, how to write for an interdisciplinary audience, and considerations of format, genre, and purpose. A special emphasis on the submission guidelines and submitting for the Hatchery will be covered.

    “Proofreading Your Writing”
    February 3, 2021

    This workshop, led by Jones White Writing Center tutors, will introduce students to close reading strategies and self-editing strategies to produce more error-free prose. The workshop will also cover some of the more common grammatical and punctuation errors. A special emphasis will be placed on editing submissions to the Hatchery

    Formatting Requirements 

    • Initial submission should be in the Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. 
    • Remove all occurrences of your name.
    • If images, tables, or figures are not your original work, a full reference to the source must be noted and you must get permission from the original content provider. 
    • Citation style (APA, MLA, ect.) must be consistent.  


    There are six primary criteria used for selection: 

    1. Context and Purpose: The article should fulfill its intended purpose of persuading, reporting, arguing, analyzing, etc. 

    2. Content Development: The topic should be explored and represented adequately.    

    3. Communication of Ideas: Ideas should be communicated in a clear, comprehensible way.   

    4. Choice of Evidence: The article should integrate outside sources effect effectively.  

    5. Attribution of Sources: Outside sources should be cited correctly.  

    6. Writing Quality: Grammar and structure should not interfere with the ability of the reader to understand your ideas. 


    Submitters to the journal must own the copyright to the work being submitted. When a student creates an original and creative assignment, project, or paper, the student holds copyright in that work, automatically, without any need to register the work to obtain a copyright. While they must agree to permit the document to be published in the Hatchery, article authors will retain copyright to their work. Additionally, authors must obtain prior written permission from copyright owners of all images, multimedia elements, etc. used in their papers. For further questions pertaining to copyright, please contact editor Sara Parme at

    Launch Timeline

    We anticipate opening for submissions during the fall 2020 semester. Logistics, infrastructure, and promotional activities are underway now so it can take flight in the fall. For details, see the table below:

    Date Activity 
    November 4 Writing for Publication for Undergraduate Researchers  workshop (via Zoom)
    December 15 Initial submissions due 
    Jan. 25–Feb. 25 
    Peer review and revisions
    February 3  Proofreading Your Writing workshop (via Zoom)
    March 2 Copy editing and final decisions
     March 20 Layout 
     April 18 Release 

    If you have general questions about the Hatchery, feel free to email us at If you’d like to get in touch with one of the editors or partners, you can contact them below!

    Editorial Board and Partners


    Sara Parme, Scholarly Communications / Digital Initiatives Librarian (

    Elin Woods 


    Dr. Katie Farnsworth, Undergraduate Research Center (

    Dr. Dana Driscoll, Writing Center (

    Dr. Bryna Siegel Finer, Writing Across the Curriculum (

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