Library Instruction

  • Our instructional mission is to provide variety of instructional services that help IUP students become information literate, life-long learners. Our instructional offerings include credit-bearing courses, information literacy instruction sessions as requested by university faculty members, individualized instruction to students through our Bring Your Assignment service and at the reference desk, and electronic and print materials to support student learning and information literacy. 

    To request an information literacy instruction session, please use the Instruction Request Form. Please use our Classroom Reservation Form if you only need to reserve a classroom.

    Online Library Instruction

    Online library instruction is available through Carrie Bishop (, IUP’s Distance Learning librarian. Bishop maintains online learning materials for information literacy and is available to develop custom materials and to provide direct librarian assistance in online courses. 

    Librarian Assistance in Online Courses

    Librarians are available to be added to D2L courses and to offer personalized reference and instruction services to students. The librarian will review the assignments in the course and provide recommendations for library resources and services that will support student success on those assignments.

    The librarian can answer student questions through the course discussion board and can offer library instruction through videos, PowerPoints, and web conferencing. The librarian can be present in the course the entire semester or only at specific times when students need research help.

    To request a librarian in your online course or to discuss these options further, fill out the Library Instruction Request Form and check the box to request a librarian for your D2L course. Carrie Bishop, Distance Learning librarian, will contact you to discuss the details of the course and to provide more information on the service.

    How to add a D2L Module to Your Course

    Follow these steps to add one of our Information Literacy modules to your D2L course:

    1. Download the .zip file you want from the link above.
    2. Open your course in D2L.
    3. Go to Course Admin in the navigation bar.
    4. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components in the Site Resources section.
    5. Choose Import Contents, and click Start.
    6. Click the Upload button and navigate to the location where you saved the D2L module.
    7. Wait for the file to upload completely—this is a large file, and may take a few minutes to complete.
    8. Choose Import All Components.

    Once the import is complete, you should see a module in the course content section titled “Library Instruction Modules,” which you can then edit as necessary.

    What is Information Literacy?

    Information literacy is defined as being able to recognize when information is needed and having the ability to locate, evaluate, and use the needed information effectively. Information literacy is essential to all disciplines, all learning environments, and all levels of education—it forms the basis for lifelong learning.

    When you are information literate, you can:

    • Determine the extent of your information need
    • Access the needed information effectively and efficiently
    • Evaluate information and its sources critically
    • Incorporate selected information into your knowledge base
    • Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
    • Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally

    Information Literacy Librarian / Instruction Coordinator