Embedded Librarians

  • “Embedded librarianship focuses on the user and brings the library and the librarian to the user, wherever they are—office, laboratory, home, or even on their mobile device."

    –(Kesselman & Watstein, 2009, p.383)

    Changes in technology and the expectations and practices of students have necessitated a shift in the way librarians provide resources and services.

    Research shows librarians are more effective when they meet users in their natural environment, whether within college department buildings or online. “The goal is to become a part of the college’s/department’s culture.” (Heider, 2010, p.115)

    IUP Libraries established embedded librarians to respond to student and faculty demand for specialized help within the College of Education and Communications and the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. The embedded librarians maintain offices in their respective college buildings where they assist students and faculty during certain times Monday–Friday. (Please note: embedded librarian hours may change from time to time due to meetings and teaching commitments.)  

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences Resident Librarian

    Theresa McDevitt

    Theresa McDevitt is the bibliographer for History, Women’s Studies, and Government Information. Since 1986, she has offered research-related consultation services to faculty and students in these and other disciplines. She teaches credit-bearing information literacy instruction classes and is available to lead or assist with information literacy instruction sessions and workshops (including workshops in EndNote and the use of Turnitin) in any discipline in the college.

    McDevitt's office is 110 Stapleton Library. She is eager to assist students and faculty and can meet with them in the Library or the Humanities and Social Sciences building upon request. She can be reached by email at mcdevitt@iup.edu or by phone at 724-357-4892.


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