Liberal Studies Courses

  • Course offerings that count for a Liberal Studies designation can be found on the universitywide class schedule on MyIUP, beginning with the fall 2016 semester, by choosing the appropriate Liberal Studies category on the course attribute drop-down menu.

    Note: This course listing is for reference only. For updates and additional information, please refer to the schedule of classes listing on MyIUP.

    For an overview of the requirements all students need to complete, please see the Summary of Liberal Studies Requirements. For specific course options and requirements, please see the program of study.

  • Writing Intensive
    Writing Intensive course listings by semester from Fall 2008 to Summer 2016 - course listings after Summer 2016 can be found by choosing the Writing Intensive attribute on the Schedule of Classes listing on the University-Wide Class Schedule
    English Composition
    English Composition course listings by semester
    Mathematics course listings by semester
    History course listings by semester
    Humanities Literature
    Humanities Literature course listings by semester
    Humanities Philosophy or Religious Studies
    Humanities Philosophy or Religious Studies course listings by semester
    Fine Arts
    Fine Arts course listings by semester
    Natural Science Non-laboratory
    Natural Science Non-laboratory course listings by semester
    Social Sciences
    Social Sciences course listings by semester
    Dimensions of Wellness
    Dimensions of Wellness course listings by semester
    Global and Multicultural Awareness
    This page contains course offerings for the Global and Multicultural Awareness program at IUP.
    Liberal Studies Electives
    Liberal Studies Elective course listing by semester
    Natural Science Laboratory
    Natural Science Laboratory course listing by semester
    Lecture-Lab Pairs
    Lecture-Lab Pairs course listing by semester