To help you develop attitudes and understandings necessary to live in a world in which contact between cultures is increasingly important, at least one of the courses you take at IUP must deal with a non-western culture.

This can be one of your Liberal Studies courses, but it can also be a major course or a free elective. If you do not have such a course elsewhere in your curriculum, you will need to save one of your Liberal Studies electives for this purpose. Advances in travel and communications are changing our lives; it is no longer unusual for students to go halfway around the world to study or for our economic relationships to be calculated in global terms. Knowing only what is close at hand and familiar is no longer enough.

Requirement: one course from list, 3cr

Students must fulfill this requirement by completing one course from the list; most of these courses will at the same time fulfill other requirements set by Liberal Studies or in some cases by a college or department.

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