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Emerging Student Leader Grant Award

  • Do you have an idea that would make a positive impact on our campus? The Emerging Student Leader Grant Award is your chance to bring that idea to life!

    The university, through the Division of Student Affairs, makes funds available for leadership projects created and actualized by emerging student leaders.

    These funds are intended to assist students in acquiring practical experience as a foundation for making positive change at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Although the grant provides a student with a personal learning experience, that student must focus efforts on gaining knowledge that can and will be re-transmitted for the betterment and edification of the broader IUP community. Applications are due in the spring semester.

    To find out more, check out the Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement website or the Student Leadership website. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Foster, assistant director for Student Life/Student Leadership and New Student Success, at

    Emerging Student Leader Grant Award Past Winners


    "Disability Awareness Resource Center - William VanEmburg with Mentor Dr. Annah Hill

    The purpose of creating a Disability Awareness Resource Center is to amplify the amount of inclusion that is present at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). The room would ideally be a multi-functional space offering resources and technology for individuals with and without disabilities on campus, and having literature and other materials available for anyone who is interested in learning more about a variety of disabilities. The room will be universally designed making it accessible for all students. We hope that this center will promote self-advocacy for those with disabilities and spread awareness to those who do not and encourage them to become advocates.


    “IUP Community Tour” — James Smith with Mentor Amanda Poole

    The IUP Community Tour will provide students the opportunity to get to know the surrounding Indiana community in order for students to learn more about the community and all that it has to offer. A group of students will act as the tour guides, and a luncheon would be provided for interacting and networking with community members. This tour will help students to become more engaged in the community and promote a positive relationship between IUP and the Indiana community.


    “Community Seed Swap” —Gretchen McCormick with Mentor Josiah Townsend

    The purpose of this project is to connect IUP students with members of the Indiana community, further the beginnings of an Indiana community seed bank, raise awareness of the principles of the SEEDS club, and bring awareness to the Indiana Community Garden and all its contributions to the community. Students involved will be responsible for the pre-planning of the seed swap as well as duties during the day of the swap. This project will bring the IUP community and Indiana community together as one to learn more about one another. Community members will learn of all of the hard work students do at IUP, and students will learn more about the community they live in.