Dr. Townsend and IUP students stand at the summit of Cerro de Las Minas in Honduras

IUP Biology faculty member Dr. Josiah Townsend and IUP students Kayla Weinfurther, Mariah Kenney, T.J. Firneno, and Alex Hess stand at the summit of Cerro de Las Minas, the highest mountain in Honduras, during a research expedition to the Cacique Lempira Biosphere Reserve.

Stand Out with the Latin American Studies Minor

The Latin American Studies minor is a multidisciplinary program that brings together courses focusing on the history, literature, culture, geography, political economy, and social organization of Latin America.

This minor is designed to increase awareness and understanding of Latin American people, environment, and culture. Its purpose is to combine an area focus with the liberal studies requirements of the IUP curriculum.

Minor Valued in Diverse Society

The minor helps you enrich your understanding of world cultures and of the complexity of cultural diversity in a changing world. You'll learn about contributions people of this region have made to the United States and internationally. This minor is valuable in an increasingly diverse society, especially since people of Hispanic descent represent the largest minority population in the United States.

Benefit from Our Multidisciplinary Approach

Students must complete 18 credits to earn a minor in Latin American Studies. Courses must qualify for the Latin American Studies minor. In keeping with the multidisciplinary approach of the program, students are encouraged to take courses from departments throughout the university. Students can count no more than nine credits from the same department (or six credits within their major) toward the minor. More information is available once you fill out an application for the minor.

Expand Your Awareness and Understanding of "That Boundless Realm of Haunted Men and Historic Women"

Nobel laureate and native son Gabriel Garcia-Marquez once wrote about Latin America as "that realm of haunted men and historic women, whose unending obstinacy blurs into legend."

Because of the complexity of the region, you will immerse yourself in a world of cultural diversity. You will also enhance your professional and academic opportunities in a variety of ways.

Minor in Latin American Studies

  • Add depth to your liberal arts studies by expanding your knowledge of Latin American thought, art, governance, and mores.
  • Heighten your awareness of the cultural significance of the multidimensional Latin American experience.
  • Expand your awareness of the contributions to the world that people from Latin America have made.
  • Prepare for graduate degrees that can sharpen your expertise and improve your options in the job market.