K-12 Teacher Education, Health and Physical Education, BSEd

A student teaches children in a gym

Teacher Candidates Know the Value of a Great Training Program

As a health and physical education major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll find that our curriculum offers you the thorough training you'll need for success as a teacher.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Through your major, you'll take courses in the physiology of exercise, water safety instruction, biomechanics, motor behavior, health science instruction, and school law.

Strengthen Your Teaching Skills and Résumé with SNAP

The Special Needs Activity Program at IUP offers physical fitness, motor development, and aquatics activities for individuals with disabilities. It is a required practicum experience for all health and physical education students and a great opportunity for community service.

Opportunities to Continue Your Sports

Many scholar-athletes at IUP combine their studies with their interest in sports. A Division II school, IUP is a respected competitor within the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference in eight varsity sports for men and 11 for women. IUP also offers a variety of club and intramural sports.

Prepare for Pennsylvania Teacher Certification

The Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education leads to Pre-K to 12 teacher certification in Pennsylvania. Teaching can be very rewarding. In your career, you'll have the chance to introduce children to fitness concepts and health topics.

Bachelor of Science in Education - Health and Physical Education/K-12 Teacher Education (*)

Liberal Studies: As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the 43 credits following specifications:

Mathematics: MATH 110 (must be approved as Liberal Studies Mathematics courses)
Natural Science: one lab science and one non-lab science
Social Science: PSYC 101
Liberal Studies Electives: 3 credits, MATH 217, no course with KHSS prefix
Major: (1)19
Required Courses:
KHSS 135 Careers in Kinesiology, Health, and Sport 1cr
KHSS 209 Motor Behavior


KHSS 221 Human Structure and Function 3cr
KHSS 315 Biomechanics 3cr
KHSS 341 Evaluations and Analytics in Kinesiology 3cr
KHSS 343  Physiology of Exercise 3cr
KHSS 442 Senior Seminar 3cr
Professional Requirements: 27
Health and Physical Education:
KHSS 213 Recreational Sports and Lifetime Activities 3cr
KHSS 216 Instruction of Fundamental Movement Skills 3cr
KHSS 218 Instruction of Tactical Skills and Fitness Concepts 3cr
KHSS 316 Instruction of Child Health Concepts 3cr
KHSS 325 Schooland Community Health 3cr
KHSS 344 Adapted Health and Physical Activity 3cr
KHSS 417 Contemporary Issues in School and Community Health 3cr
KHSS 419 Emergency Care and Water Safety 3cr
KHSS 426 Health Science Instruction 3cr
College:  23
Preprofessional Education Requirements:
ETIT 103 Digital Instructional Technology 3cr
EDEX 323 Instruction of English Language Learners with Special Needs 2cr
EDSP 102 Educational Psychology 3cr
Professional Education Requirements:
EDUC 242 Pre-student Teaching Clinical Experience I 1cr
EDUC 342 Pre-student Teaching Clinical Experience II 1cr
EDUC 421 Student Teaching 6cr
EDUC 441 Student Teaching 6cr
EDUC 442 School Law 1cr
Free Electives 8cr
Total Credits 120cr