Undergraduate Programs in Journalism and Public Relations

Alumna Kayle Scott KICKING OFF HER CAREER IN NYC: Alumna Kayle Scott started her career at 2 Market Media in New York City, researching potential clients, designing promotional materials, and much more. "Every professor has a unique style, and every class offers something different, but something that's uniform is the go-getter mentality that's instilled," Scott said.
The Journalism BA and the minor in Journalism programs have moved to the Department of Communications Media. 

Flexible Program Opens Up Opportunities

Journalism is not dying. It is transformingand rapidlydue to a technology revolution that has provided new platforms for delivering and accessing important reporting. The Internet, cable, and satellite TV have expanded opportunities. And mastering social media is now a key part of your success. The innovative IUP program is designed to stay on top of new developments and trends. We make sure our curriculum adapts as society evolves.

Your journalism career doesn't have to be focused on news gathering and editing. The public relations, sports, strategic communication, political, and event planning industries also want you. They know the modern world requires excellent communication skills and critical thinking. Reinvent yourself at IUP. Then enter the workplace and make a difference.

Why Journalism?

Sharing information helps develop and sustain democracies. Every community is hungry for relevant reporting and content that is rich in detail, facts, and discoveries. Your job as a journalist or public relations professional is both practical and inspired: inform your readers while challenging preconceptions and values that hinder growth. Reporters and editors are leaders. Each day, they make decisions that define a community's standards of ethics and excellence.

The World Needs Journalism and Public Relations Majors

Your journalism skills will remain in demand because the thirst for contentstories, editorials, and imageryhas never been stronger. The shrinking presence of daily newspapers has been replaced by a cyber news universe that is expanding at an incredible rate. Think big so you can reach far: the future of quality reporting and savvy public relations is in your hands if you master the new media and learn the critical thinking skills that will help you adapt as communications evolve.

Expected Outcomes With a Degree in Journalism and Public Relations

The flexible curriculum at IUP and excellent faculty advisors allow you to shape your future in journalism and public relations around your interests. You'll become a discerning consumer of news and learn various writing styles, including online news coverage. You may also see your articles published in a campus publication. When you leave IUP with your bachelor's degree, you'll be prepared for a wide assortment of opportunities in news and public relations.

  • If you are passionate and talented enough for your dream internship, we are determined to make it happen!
  • Students have recently enjoyed internships at Sirius RadioThe Howard Stern Show, Warner Music in Nashville, The Late Show with David Letterman, CNN, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh magazine, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Pittsburgh Pirates, leading fashion and style magazines, government agencies, major nonprofits, and many more.

The IUP Difference

Computer Lab. This computer lab is equipped with the latest software and tools to meet the needs of our ever-changing profession. It includes a mini-computer lab to allow you to gather with other students to collaborate and socialize. Capping the student enrollment at 20 in the writing-intensive, design, and media convergence courses allows ample hands-on experience and one-on-one attention to students.

Web Mastery. The Internet has turned both journalism and public relations on their heads. IUP's Journalism and Public Relations Department is committed to a constantly evolving curriculum and coursework that prepares you to hit the ground running in your field. Not only will you master the basics of Associated Press style and writing for a plethora of various media outlets, but, most importantly, in the IUP Journalism and Public Relations Department you will learn to leverage the power of social media as it relates to both news gathering and the distribution of news.

Adaptable Curriculum. Since our program does not demand that you choose a track, you may shape your studies with a wide variety of electives that allow you to focus on your specific interests and passions. Many of our students choose minors in fashion merchandising, criminology, political science, a foreign language, marketing, geography, regional planning, communications media, and more.