Virtual Computer Lab VCL

  • Using VMWare, the Virtual Computer Lab provides remote access to a Windows desktop so you can access the software applications found on the PCs in the public computer labs. This service is provided for all registered students, faculty, and staff members. 

     Features of using the VCL

    • The Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) provides remote access to software applications found on the PCs in the public computer labs.
    • Access a Windows 10 environment from any web browser, or access a Windows 10 environment from the downloadable client for MAC, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows devices.
    • Access to network drives such as Home and Project drives.
    • Access to local and pay-for-print printer devices.
    • No VPN connection required to connect to either the HTML or Client version.

    VMWare Horizon HTML Access

    • To access the VCL from a web page, go to
    • Select VMWare Horizon HTML Access.
    • A page will come up with a button to accept terms and conditions.
    • After accepting, a login screen will appear. Please enter your MyIUP credentials.
    • After entering your credentials, a screen will pop up with an option to open a Public Lab computer up. Click on the Public Lab Computer.
    • You now have access to your virtual lab computer.

    With the web version of the VCL, you have to use the side pane to import files from your computer to the virtual computer. You also have a few options where you can enable multiple displays if you have multiple monitors.

    Install VMWare Horizon Client

    A client can be installed on your device for accessing a VCL session. To install this client, go to

    • Select Install VMWare Horizon Client.
    • Select Go To Downloads for the latest version of your device.
    • Download the installer to install the client.