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Survey Service

  • IUP provides an optical-scanning survey service for anyone with a valid computing account. This service can be used when an online survey using Qualtrics is not practical.

    Optical Scanning

    For information on Qualtrics, visit the Applied Research Lab site.

    The survey service utilizes the general purpose answer sheet (GPAS) and the survey request form. GPAS forms are available from Central Stores. Department secretaries can order these items by entering a reservation into SAP using the following material numbers:

    • General Purpose Answer Sheet - 14464

    To submit a survey for processing, print and complete the Survey Request Form. Include the completed form and the General Purpose Answer Sheets in an envelope and bring it to the IT Support Center.

    Survey output will be saved to your Surveys folder on A separate folder is created for each survey, using the processing date and time to create a unique folder name (for example, 2017-04-05-095059). You will have read access to your Surveys folder and the subfolders contained in it.

    Survey results will be purged after 28 days. If you need to save the data beyond 28 days, please see Backing Up Survey Results.

    When your survey has been processed, you will receive an e-mail notification which includes a link to access the subfolder containing the reports (PDF files) and the results file (an Excel spreadsheet). You can click on the link to access the contents of the folder. If you are off campus, you must connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) before you can access the files. This message will also include information about mapping a drive to access the folder.

    If you are not connected to the VPN from off campus and you try to access the files, you will receive this error:

    403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

    If you are connected to the VPN from off campus and you try to access the files, you will be prompted for username and password. Enter your username in this format: IUPMSD\username — substituting your username. For the password, enter your network password. See Virtual Private Network (VPN) for more information on connecting to the VPN.

    You can also access this folder by mapping a drive, replacing your username for USERNAME. For more information on mapping drives, see How to Map the Standard IUP Network Drives. For off-campus use, be sure to connect to the VPN before accessing the files.

    • PC Users: \\\share\dispatch\USERNAME
    • Mac Users: smb:// 

    Survey results will be purged after 28 days.

    If you wish to keep a copy of your survey results for your own records, you will need to copy the files to another secure location on the network, such as your H drive. You should not copy these files to portable devices such as flash drives, CDs, or DVDs.

    To copy the folder, you will need to map the drive using the path as indicated, substituting your own username for USERNAME:

    • PC Users: \\\share\dispatch\USERNAME 
    • Mac Users: smb://
    • See How to Map the Standard IUP Network Drives for information on mapping drives. If you are not on campus, you will need to make a connection to the virtual private network (VPN) before you can access the files. See Virtual Private Network for information on connecting to the VPN.

    To backup your survey results, it’s best to copy the entire folder for a specific survey. Copying the entire folder (not just the folder contents) will prevent overwriting a file with the same name.


    ITS Services offers the following support and administration services for the Qualtrics survey service:

    • User account migration (migrating from external account to branded account)
    • User login/password services.
    • Survey setup for event registration purposes. 
    • Anti-spam analysis (ensure that your message will pass through our anti-spam filter)

    All other services, such as design, analysis of results, and distribution services should be managed through the Applied Research Lab. We also highly suggest trying to search for the answer in the Qualtrics University

    If you have any issues regarding the above administrative functions, please log an ihelp ticket, and a representative will contact you to help resolve the issue.